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  1. Half of MS Scammed

    Half of MS scammed ? items like sets, pvp weap, claws, even drag weap ? new scam system ? the ppl need start take more care ?
  2. Dragon Weapons

    depends of the point of view (ozzy didnt kill in 1-3 hits but his job are essential on a mass pvp) , depends of the class that use the weapon (is not the same a ertheia using fist than a kavathary), and are not the same fingers (i think u ask the rank by effectiveness cuz this )
  3. Dragon Weapons

  4. Dragon Weapons

    wich shaper ? lindvior ? valakas ? anthy ?
  5. Dragon Weapons

    graven bougth the lindvior cutter from MAX ? lol so we can say that max will totally dissapear if they dont have plans to keep dragon weapons. jhoncena also stop play, so is just time to see that fists in other clan...
  6. Dragon Weapons

    Hi, i want to know how many dragon weapons have atm ncwest, if u know another weapon lv1 + or fragment, feel free to post wich clan have it, and the name of the owner if u know it Valakas Caster lv3 - Peppino Valakas Slasher lv2 - Ozzy Antharas Thrower lv2 - Happy Antharas Dual Blunt lv2 - MuruMuru Antharas Fist lv2 - Truffle Valakas Shaper lv2 - Rown Valakas Slasher lv1 - leader of Sunshine clan Antharas Cutter lv1 - Anatoily Valakas Caster lv1 - vEvey Antharas Buster lv1? - VNDragon Lindvior Cutter lv1 - Foundzn Lindvior Cutter lv1 - Graven Antharas Fist lv1 - JhonCena Lindvior CrossBow lv1 - Exeq7er Lindvior Thrower lv1 - f2pr _________________________________________ -1 weap lv3 / 5 weap lv2 / 9 weap lv1 -6 antharas / 5 valakas / 4 lindvior -2 weap MAX / 4 weap DH / 6 weap NOVA / 2 weap MS / 1 weap Sunshine _________________________________________ Antharas Fist Fragment - DH Valakas Dual Sword - MS Antharas Fist Fragment - MS Antharas Stormer - MAX Lindvior Dual Shaper - MAX
  7. Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

    thats why nova are losing ? cuz even didnt know how read ? all ppl know ur gear, but also the ppl know gear from other pl, like PropagandaDutspaggx5jewelslv6
  8. Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

    100% agree, they are so happy for the few wins that they have, that they upload this and dont know that every1 are laughing about this
  9. Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

    lf a 7v7 in wich nova won w/o more than 3 br brooch
  10. Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

    15 min before the pvp -Fooz: okey guys, we will have a 7v7, pls send me all ppl who will not go to pvp, ur lv 5-6 jewels, atm insdie pt we have 3 ppl w/o br brooch 1 min before pvp: dutspagg with borrowed 6 slot brooch and x6 borrowed jewels brooch