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  1. +1, too much money on boost we lost cuz all this issues, specially the melee dds like tyrrs and evis who have perma lag atk we want a compensation
  2. i saw u are w/o arguments, so u got on rage :DDDDD no1 here is blaming the weapon itself, u didnt read at all the topic ? i guess u are too busy writing wrong info just NC need to fix things like dont be able to make my teleports on pvp areas as it happens on siege zone, or disable x2 reuse of skills when u log off, like this both sides will be obligated to pvp for the rb, the side who win the pvp, take the RB, simple. pvp = healty server / pvp = more ncoins fro ncwest but as u got roasted, yeah, u can continue on rage kiddo
  3. and yes, dont say it as big thing, cuz i think every top player of NCwest have dragon weapons and more at core having on mind this, u can make the test by urself, take 3 yulls, 2 yulls with bow lv2 in same pt and 1 yull out of pt with bow lv3, and tell me wich side will be the one that will make 90% of the times the last hit easy test for u, no ? (all of this at any rb of what we are talking about, lilith, anakim etc) hope see at least a video before back and continue spaming wrong info
  4. let me tell u a secret, DW are not terrible on pve, a +30 limited weapon will be more worth on pve, yes, that doesnt means that dragon weapon are "terrible on pve" even more talking about a bow stage 3, if u was a real owner of a weapon like that u should know it, but as always u only have wrong information. about what u say that character need be stacked over the roof..... u think that some1 that can manage to craft lv3 weapon will not be stacked to the roof ? or u think that will be the tipycal guy with ruby lv4 and cloak pve +10 ? we are talking about ppl with pve cloaks `+18/+20, x6 g
  5. ur statment was pk him :))) when he have protection skills while the 15 secs RB :)) (not talking about the fact that on a pvp area u dont need pk, just need to hit him w/o force skills) now ur statment is kill his summoner LOL, like if a owner of a bow lv3 cant affort 1 my teleport scroll and need to use a summoner on a pvp area, something that is very stupid cuz summoner will insta die cuz aoe dmg then ur statment is about cc need more power, seems u dont understand that on pve a bow lv3 have more dmg than x2 bow lv2 and even more, SO OFC, thats why is so easy for lv3 bow owner jus
  6. u didnt understand or what ? this post is about lilith, anakim, orfen, baium and ishka not about open field rbs (barrier rbs), or u will tell me about wich rb we made the post ? pk his summoner ? ..... jesus.... it looks u dont know anything, so i will explain u the situation, this rbs are under pvp area, strategy of top dd about we are complaining is log of on full skills, log in on 10% HP rb, use my teleport , make last hit, take drops, bsoe
  7. that are open fields rbs, no1 farm them anymore since some months ago cuz the low profit post is talking more exactly about anakim, lilith, orfen, baium, ishka
  8. and still u are here spending time on a post in wich u claim u dont care, funny fact
  9. again some1 else speaking on a post in wich he have 0 idea RBs nowdays is 15 sec action, 15 sec action means that even a UD w/O enchant will be able to keep alive a DD for the whole RB action, 15 sec in wich almost a yull can stay untargatable cuz dispas from skills + shirts if u know how to pk a yull that u cannot target during the action + have UD to protect him from AOE dmg, u are welcome to share the info sherlock
  10. do u know how much is the dmg difference on pve between a bow lv3 compared to a bow lv1 ? or u know between lv3 vs lv2 ? im pretty sure u dont have idea after read what u wrote, easly a lv3 > x2 lv2, even more :)) about roasted, come on kid, u are a forum life guy, u dont do more than comment every post each day with wrong info or old info from the times that u was active at game, and on game who u are ? mixa the char that is always afk on town ? next time, i recoment u make comments about things that u have idea, cuz usless ppl, already l2 comunity have a lot
  11. overdamage take loot rights ? when was the last time did u play l2 ? if u not play anymore l2 why u spend ur time at forums and even worst, giving wrong/old info ?
  12. Agree, this should not be like that, have no sense that 1 DD on log off mode, on full skills up, just waiting to log on last seconds of RB to make the last hit represent more than the CC who was removing the 99% of the HP of the RB. this should be consider as a game bug abuse, no point for clans rgp to make rbs if 1 person can ks the rb and stole it, even if the guy only make the 1% of the total dmg, cuz on actual situation just matters the last hit. this kill all the competition/pvp at rbs
  13. Half of MS scammed ? items like sets, pvp weap, claws, even drag weap ? new scam system ? the ppl need start take more care ?
  14. depends of the point of view (ozzy didnt kill in 1-3 hits but his job are essential on a mass pvp) , depends of the class that use the weapon (is not the same a ertheia using fist than a kavathary), and are not the same fingers (i think u ask the rank by effectiveness cuz this )
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