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  1. the original Lilith raid in the catacomb
  2. you know, some things change but some never will...i dream of a team that would actually listen to theyr player base for once and see how it would turn out...
  3. Hi, i got a question about the reawakening process. i know you keep your level but do you keep the current % in it aswell?...for exemple, if i was 110 at 65% will i reawaken 110 at 65% or 0%...and is it the same for the main class swap with the stone of destiny...ty for any feedback
  4. well just failed 5 stable scroll in a row trying to upgrade my +8 aden cloak...im not expecting 100% rates of course but not 0% either...this is kind of bummer and rather dissapointing for the price of this event...the only one to blame here is me being stupid enough to think id make it lol...well lesson learned this time!
  5. as far as live servers are concerned, they are populated and been around for a long time. if you wanna start playing this game your only option for the live servers atm is Naya cause chronos is running at full capacity and they temporarely closed character creation on it. now if you wanna know if its really worth playing?...if you are looking forward to pve content, it is yeah its interesting and nice till a certain point your gonna have to get betteer gear then the freebie to keep going....but if PVP is your thing then brace your self if you wanna be competitive...some of the players ha
  6. i know they are far from being future proof and be good as a bloody set...but its still and upgrade path to anyone who cant afford better...but your right, im myself gonna be buying a bundle just for the consumables.
  7. you still need to do it for the other benefits you get from the different parts of the quest. but for the gear related rewards..if you get the optionnal bundle from the store, you are gonna be good right off the bat and the stats are slightly better then the exalted if they are like the one on Core server...and dont forget you can actuallly make the armor set +10 for 2k coins more...so yeah i think a lot of peoples are gonna overlook the gear rewards from now on
  8. these armors are an upgraded version of the free gear you get from Lionel in heine...and its totally optionnal
  9. to make the first upgrade (enchanted), its from the regular blacksmith...not mammon...
  10. hey guys you know what?..."Work as intended" sorry i had to say it...
  11. hi...i highly recommend you try to team up with others at start...you will often find groups in the party matching system for 24/7 BS party...good luck
  12. well i dont wanna be rude here but, one thing for sure is that you guys communication skills are not to the top lately...i really hope you are aware of the nightmare its been for your player base since the content update(even before for some other stuff). sometimes shit hits the fan and its out of our control, but keeping radio silence and keeping everyone in the dark on some issues is not the way to go imo... on that note, everyone have a good day
  13. same here...only 1 out of my 3 clients have dc issues and its only when in town...out on the field i have no issues at all.
  14. hi there...i have freya ice rose event and honey dark beer event that were in my inventory from before oriana's event...are those gonna get deleted too?
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