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  1. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Character's_Stats From what's said there, if it's also applicable for NA servers, personnaly I think I will definitly go +4 CON/DEX/MEN . Mainly with a sword for the damage but a blunt swap against light armor users might be worth it.
  2. Why do people need guides ? Why not just gather information yourself and make your own opinion instead of blindly following someone else ? Anyway here's what I gathered (also going to be DA): Dyes: well, it depends... Personnaly I think I'll go +CON +DEX -STR with a sword for crit rate. Maybe +MEN ? I saw that WIT affect debuff land rate so maybe interesting... need to test it out. Apparently now shield block is only affected by CON, so you can go +STR with a blunt if you don't care about crits too... Armor: depends on what you want to do I guess, but from what I've seen it's pr
  3. QQ <= Currently xping a human knight to become DA
  4. I know the original kiss of eva gives underwater breath, but if you read this version's eva kiss it's a self buff only that give 5% m.atk and it doesn't affect heals at all.
  5. Hello, I'm searching for an Elven Long Sword. PM Grimblee ingame. Thank you,
  6. Maybe the weapon but certainly not the buff. I tried with eva's kiss which gives 5% m.atk and it changed literally nothing. Not even 1 or 2 point more, exactly the same amount.
  7. Then it's only INT ? Did you test it ? I mean, do you have numbers ? Because m.atk doesn't affect it that's for sure. I got an EO 38 and I tried.
  8. I think the only incentive to have a better weapon as healer is to land debuffs in pvp ?
  9. Yeah seems like heal power doesn't scale with m.atk. It seems this is not true for Prophets though, the heals they keep from their cleric time scale and since they don't gain lvl they stay low priced mana wise. Well I didn't test it, I was told that by an actual prophet in pt...
  10. Do take into account that archer are costly to level up because of shot/arrow cost. I see a lot of archer stop playing because of that. And some ppl use daggers to go eco-mode. SR seems pretty good here, high damages and you got a skill that slow down at range. Also the most adena friendly since lowest atk speed ?
  11. Daggers are even worse here cuz dyes are limited to +5 so you can't increase your DEX much and so land rate is meh... Though they are still good, they're not killing machines. And it's the same for mages and WIT tbh. But here I think, at least at the start, mages are the most powerfull ones (in pvp). Because jewel are crapy, most ppl get two shot by mages. But you're not asking for pvp I rekon >_> Think most OP solo farmer would be warlord + pp + se
  12. Well I don't like it but from all the posts that have been posted about it do you think you're gonne make any difference ? If you don't like it just go boot up your own L2J server.
  13. I don't see that much bots personnally, but anyway lately I don't give a bleep Too much drama
  14. When you see things such as Power Supremacy or Spirit Sharing... also later on you'll get Servitor Share. Even your passives have p.atk bonuses. Imho I would go two handers + light armor
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