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  1. Only first day drop rate work now no
  2. So admins can you add single pouches to item mall because drop from boxes is very good,but price is not
  3. So guys can you add singles pouches to store, because the drop from this boxes is very good but 250 pack is not cheap!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JsBIN8kKAE&feature=youtu.be
  5. Rune exp 50%+30 day give 30% warrior rune 20% exalted 10% vitality eruption 100% storm 150%, rose 30% freya vitality rune 30% dragon potion 30% or buff dandy 100% or item mall buff 50%. No 200 rune exp over hit count it= minimum in this location u receive on 100lvl +10,000,000,000 with this u can get approximately 15,000,000,000. I lvl up feoh archmage from 85 to 101 for 2-3hrs in altar of evil I kill one mob and get 2 lvl okey?
  6. Lol this location is very hot like molensa all ppls stay inside spot near it, too much ppls for one mob so this is how need clean spots.
  7. I use old launcher from now
  8. I remember when in 2000ts around 2003-2006 in computer club and after home we play mu online game,we have only one way to shift items with options enchant lvl etc we must use trade system and put items into trade slot, the problem is when you put items other char can dupe you items by copy this or steal it.
  9. After that launcher is not loading)
  10. For every 5 minutes macros/haunt system charge you adena
  11. dvpKAKdcp


    For mage best shadow weapon is good give you empower /m skill damage /450 att for tank oe weapon pve only.
  12. From auto hunt I use only auto supply for farm macro bb
  13. Lags is good because ev is free from bots+ full house part afk normal people can't exp)
  14. I have the bug on mage okey, I use updraft destruction after I press elemental burst and only after 5-7 sec I see animation, but at this time when I stay I can see that mobs attack me but I press attack skill and nothing happen.
  15. Now hero shout is trash this not 2017 with fooz truffle and king of mana regen PepoMage every Friday they explose chat, now I don't see too much chat from hero.
  16. Korea have x2 more gear and stuff =] around 70% have dragon stage 2-3 weapon=]
  17. Remember since grand crusade there is only 2 class for top pve until high lvl this is SH because 90% mobs have weakness to wind and main attribute skills deal wind damage and summoner's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZJwiDgOO-M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPpTk0Nw3AU so nex update all classes win have isa buff this will be active skills =]
  18. Silent valley top exp till 100 or 101 may mage per 1 hour no vitality no runes lvl 102 do almost 2%
  19. Crystalize epic ring and have chance to receive 80 soul or ring =] 710 for maphr ring
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