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  1. When they run game with interface from main version soulshots on different place not on skillbar skills from main version, we have cp this is ex-classic with exp runes scroll buff etc real hardcore baby
  2. Don't call this game classic please in this classic we have main version skills rush chains etc interface from main
  3. Lose to is OK iss use barrier topaz after cloak and stone repeat circle
  4. All skill will be op in real field necro die from aoes random skills
  5. All skill will be op in real field necro die from aoes random skills
  6. OMG you know kor and ru version will be here tankers have chain all warriors have rush because this is fake classic they have cp bar they learn skill in skill bar not in guild.
  7. So in ru and kor version they have fake classic they have tankers with chain skill etc,they learn skills in skill window not in city in the guild. And we will have the same classic or we will have no cp no auto shots real c1-c2 chronicle.
  8. Any chest event will be ? Like artefact event?
  9. I have in weapon sa kain lvl 5 crit dmg skill+10% and ls +10% skill crit but in passive skill i don't see this ls? This is a bug?
  10. Lf special bonus for donators so if you have vip status you can change interface to interlude ty
  11. 50$ = top vip so good baby baby party life bala la so hot baby
  12. Solo dagger give you p critical +844 and this is why solo is best u can deal good dmg with apocal dagger 2 sa 5 lvl kain enchant it +4 only before you get OE weapon
  13. After boost Superior Critical Mastery only & one best is str before dex give you crit dmg also
  14. Screenshot good night Teon please from archive
  15. So today i lvl 100 elemental do +100k p attack on pets but my crit maximum is 7k so what wrong with sum?
  16. I play as elemental master.My question is, if I boost my p.attack did my pets critical dmg grown or no? Or boost p.attack is best only for spectral master.
  17. Tauti and trigger give you skill power I do test m.skill crit+5% and m.attack 13% from dual vs skill power+27% so the 1st way give x2 more dmg than 2nd.
  18. To deal dmg with this trash m skill power artifact you need boost m skill power but 99% play boosting critical dmg, att artifact is better than m skills power and my idea is change it to m.skill critical dmg
  19. So m skill power is useless because if you play mage you boost m critical dmg,so if you want dmg from this trash you need tauti ring trigger 27% from dual class use dark stance talisman m skill power and maybe you will deal low dmg.
  20. Oly ring give you p critical dmg and skill critical dmg this is why this ring is op
  21. or angel ring+10 +25% resist from faint
  22. Epic jewel new ring from oly + wyvern ring /weapon apocalypse solo dager with 2 sa(crit dmg+ skill crit dmg) +10 is ok until 101lvl att wind because 99% have earth element dex setup to have 100% blow and have good dmg
  23. You have money for real donation gear etc but you don't have money for ¿ Internet and good pc
  24. Lul full boost tank can receive 0 dmg and deal good with topaz
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