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  1. Good combo after salvation is SUMMONER DESTROYER TANKER(DARK AVENGER) OR EVIS + SOS+ warcryer so because of new harmony
  2. How about account can i participate from multiple accounts? But from one pc=])
  3. One time from mid i get +10 from first ls but from top always +8 =]
  4. Why we don't have eva rune any more?
  5. https://l2central.info/wiki/Мастерское_Чтение_Заклинаний_-_Палач NO ONLY CAST WORK WITH LIGHT coldown reduction work with any set =]
  6. dvpKAKdcp


    SO i found this vid( and want to relol because share don't transfer rings sets and only enchant pve/pvp
  7. When you relol because u can't destroyer and do dag
  8. But there is only one way need call to Korea
  9. http://rgho.st/85wdHr8kZ/image.pnghttp://rgho.st/85wdHr8kZ/image.png
  10. After drop from game can't enter game guard error initialization.
  11. About cloks i play in ru off airin and yes they too don't have cloks
  12. From 95 quest they give me what rigt premium point for premium shop
  13. Where i can use token with personal rep
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