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  1. One more good item for P2P players and another kick in our ass. With blue PVE set and Purple PVE weap and all jewels, 6 greather stones and many other unbelivable items, they no have problem. Thay no need buffs at all
  2. I have some useless items, that cannot be destroyed, and 1 by 1 fill up my warehouse. Such as: Mysterious letter, Talisman of Destruction, Dawns Bracelet, Bracelet of the Conqueror and Exalted Tiara. Last one maybe needed for further quests, i dont know, but the otherones... Will be good if you remove options - cannot be destroyed
  3. Game w/o support, or support is not interested to help us? Ofcorse is 2nd one. Doesent matter wich macro stil you will use (next target or full mob name), it is game bug. And NC know about it. - Tell me how one player can loore me from desrt qwerry to phantazmal ridge (almost to other side of HB), when i have macro to atack mobs in desert qwerry - game bug - Tell me how i can attack flaghet or not flaget char, w/o command for this from my toon - game bug - Tell me how i can do this 7 times in a row - game bug - And lastone, that was be4 minutes, how dwarf with 65 LUC cant enchant 5
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