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  1. @Hime Hi, Can you please clarify if the Freya's Vitality Rune (30 days) is a rune fo Vitality maintenance or just a +% exp rune. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I cannot collect contribution reward. Does anyone else have this problem ? Ty
  3. now* it's back to normal. Also found the sourse of the problem. We are lvl 108 and 109 in party and we used a low lvl char to setup a Cake. When we added the low lvl to the party and exluded him after cake buff was on the problem started. Once we dismissed the hole party and remake it problem was sloved. Hope this helps if you have the same issue.
  4. So the only solution we found is to break the party, restart all members and remake the party. not it's back to normal.
  5. Is anyone having this issue? mana is not going up when killing mobs.
  6. Hello, @Juji and @Hime two of my friends are having the same issue. Please look into this. Thank you.
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