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  1. The problem is not the chat spam per se. Though it is annoying, it's just a constant reminder of how unfair it is for the law-abiding players, to be in a bot populated server. It's not just the bots spamming your chat, it is the fact that if there is a bot spamming your chat selling you adena, that means that there is a bot getting that adena somewhere else in the game. Above all that, there's the fact that reporting ingame isn't easy. I can't report a full party of bots because i can report once every 30 minutes. Common sense tells me that if i report one of a party would be enough, but then you see full parties botting for a week, and makes you wonder even if you could report all those chars it would be enough.
  2. Dyes Question.

    These are the restrictions. Fore more information, u can use the patch notes https://www.lineage2.com/news/lineage-ii-classic-launch-patch-notes
  3. Merrow question

    No, merrow doesn't need a book