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  1. the new update really stinks. I am not sure I want to play this game after 16 years LJeanique
  2. okay I found where the L2Store link is but still have the question about the 5th hot key bar. It looks like there might be a check box in Options but it is grayed out. Sure would hate to have to redo my hot key bars lJeanique
  3. Is there a way to get the fifth hot key bar back? I also can't find the link to the L2 stop lJeanique
  4. My lineage II connection is broken iJeanique
  5. Why did I pick today to be on early??? Why, whine whine
  6. And oh by the way when is the server (Freya) coming up?
  7. I don't post often but I would like to add my voice to end the "Play to Win" philosophy of NcSoft. I would like to see some events where you can actually get items by playing. Aren't we all complaining of the light turn out on all the servers? Make it to our benefit to get on and grind. Add content. The last patch was a joke. Add something for us 105/105. There is not meaningful PVP as the gap widens for the levels. There is not meaningful PVE either with no new content. I am looking fondly back in the day when mid-levels pvped, people really spent time grinding and this was a real g
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