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  1. Once upon a time in an MMORPG far, far away, there were GMs that actually knew how to play the game.  In fact those GMs might be on at any time and you could request assistance from them.  (Unstuck was actually performed by them when it was a graphic glitch.)  Play was paid from paying for accounts, whole items dropped in the field, and a reasonable amount of adena could be found by just by xping.

    Cycle forward 16 years...  GMs no longer show up, do they know the mechanics of the game.  Does the company realize that to keep the interest of the better part of the players that the play must be somewhat fair.  There was a time when sieges were hugely attended.  Events were fun and sometimes lots of items were thrown into fields for the masses to pick up...

    Wake up, even addicted players as yours truly may finally see the light and quit.

    playing since 2004

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  2. I don't post often but I would like to add my voice to end the "Play to Win" philosophy of NcSoft.  I would like to see some events where you can actually get items by playing.  Aren't we all complaining of the light turn out on all the servers?  Make it to our benefit to get on and grind.   Add content.  The last patch was a joke.  Add something for us 105/105.  There is not meaningful PVP as the gap widens for the levels.  There is not meaningful PVE either with no new content.  I am looking fondly back in the day when mid-levels pvped, people really spent time grinding and this was a real game with real people.  And oh by the way get rid of Adrenaline.  I really like it when everyone is using hands to play.  I would go along with a no-excuses ban of Adreline users

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