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  1. Please, give me another option. Static IP from ISP is very very expensive in my country. Anyone to set a dns validation?
  2. You can put it like a option not like a force?
  3. Good night, My internet is very bad and lives falling. I wonder if there is any possibility of authorizing my PC instead of authenticating by IP. Has as? It's very annoying to be looking at code every time in the email. PS: Google Translate.
  4. More then 24hrs... much more! Actually 30hrs..
  5. I do, but any reply yet.
  6. I bought ncoin and didnt recive it yet... 24 hour has passed and they didnt respond my ticket too.. Its normal?
  7. Anyway to buy it atm? I try find it on website but i didnt find anything.. just prestige pack from GoD. Thanks.
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