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  1. What will you do once the bots stop targeting by name, and target by hp total instead? You can't take out bots with changes to the game or other programs. They will always find a way around. The only way to keep the bots at bay is with in game action. But NC gave up on that early on and will never happen again.
  2. Turn off auto shot use, move your shots to your hot bar. And use as needed.
  3. You just have to keep an eye out for the trains of mobs. Not much different than a dwarf using fake death. It does work wonders to clear out a group of bots.
  4. They could always turn on the chance to drop gear and/or inventory if killed by a mob. That would help out a little.
  5. Any true oldschool player should know porting around is not all that bad. Knowing a few little tricks, like where to run to or port to for fastest soe to the next town helps save a lot of adena and doesn't take long at all to get around.
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