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  1. Didnt even bother to claim saviors pack, what a waste.
  2. At least read full event notes before opening a post like this, thanks.
  3. Lol you cant be serious. I'm quitting cuz of the direction this game is heading with P2win stuff. If u want to stay, fine but only expect similar events in the near future.
  4. Pendants are completely broken and can only be acquired through Nc store, nasty P2W event. GG im out
  5. I dont usually post in forums but this was the last nail in he coffin for me. Pay to win event im done with this game for good now.
  6. As someone that plays in Aden I like the idea. Having less players after the afk event makes me wanna quit since its harder to trade stuff, even prices for basic mats have gone up due to a less populated server.
  7. You know mistakes happen and it shouldnt be that hard for staff to delete the lantern. I myself was told that the item couldnt be transferred so... I dont know what to make of it really. I'm being blocked from enjoying the event for a silly mistake and they can't offer me a proper solution. I highly dobut that I'll be sticking around for long if this continues.
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