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  1. im getting no error, but l2.bin stops responding when the xigncode tab pops up in the corner. ive tried everything i can think of nothing works.
  2. clannies say my character is logging into game while my screens frozen, i dont know if thats helpful
  3. yea same, i reinstalled, did file repair, flushed dns and some other stuff and nothing. i need a nerd
  4. after the patch im unable to log in. get to the character screen and do the pin and then loading screen freezes and i get a l2.bin not responding message. any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Fosh

    SK boxes

    For a tank? Suggesting I do that instead of a PP?
  6. Fosh

    SK boxes

    Thanks, I'm familiar with the buffs each class gives. I should have mentioned that I plan on participating in as much mass pvp as possible. Kinda why I was leaning towards sws to fill needed spots without needing a separate weapon/gear
  7. Fosh

    SK boxes

    Old school l2er gonna play classic when my PC comes in tomorrow. Did some research and decided SK sounds fun to main in the long run Will be boxing a PP for sure, just looking for suggestions on third box. Was thinking sws, maybe spoiler but that sounds annoying. Any thoughts?
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