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  1. https://youtu.be/YKjkDZ9DR14 Wooa old school ... MoonSwordX is back
  2. Finnalllyyyy... I have been waiting for RedKnights clan --- > TD ... AKA MoonSwordx + Ryoukan on RK and then TD .... back in old days.... I cant wait to join Dyansty... I'm a level 36+ Nuker going NECRO VIP 4 almost 5 ingame nick: Sayango NO,..... I'm on Giran Server .. dammn... looks like I need to roll on TI ...
  3. yes, I've noticed that after wasted ncoins on loaded 3 different runes ;(( oh well, lesson learnt...
  4. Hi GM and peons of L2, Can we stack launch packs rune with XP/SP Rune 7days + 1day + 5hour and etc?? Would it work? Thanks,
  5. I was in Gludio town and also tried in Giran as well no luck.
  6. GM, please investigate and resolve this issue asap... I am having a problem fetching item from mailbox. I can see the item in the mailbox.. but I double clicked and nothing happens. Cheers
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