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  1. this depressed me why delete the mentee clan quest ? How is a new clan supposed to be able to level it up I have clan level 4 and I don't know how I'm going to get to 5, the 20,000 thousand points that they gave in the mission helped

    me too and i still can't enter

    won't let me in, I'm from Argentina, help please Failed to log in Pleasy try again later (-1)
  4. Merlot

    Hello, I would like you to do something with Merlot dimensional raid since two months ago that we can't do it, people don't go anymore, there's no quest, maybe some quest for the only time, I don't know, an event, something, there are several of us who are missing one or two coins and it is impossible for us to kill the raids and it would also be good if varka silenos and ketra orc made them 99 as bs ??? thanks traductor google
  5. 105 mentor

    Hello, sorry I am using the google translator, arrival of a long vacation and I find everything new in the game, my first big question, since I left and rushed the pass to 105 so I was already at that level, I can not die and lose exp and return at level 104 for mentor reward? but how do I do it? thanks for answering the question,
  6. how i feel

    traductor google The truth is that I feel disappointed, every time I level up it's like I can do less despite having some more jewel, more skill etc etc etc, I'm ugly storm screamer just passed to 103, I usually play alone since putting up a pt for up takes you a certain amount of time and, it's not always possible for me, yesterday we were all 100+ in k99 in the first boss PR, we didn't hit anything !!!! today all 100 + and 50 minutes took the instance When I saw a wizard 103 do it alone, hellbound was for me and it turns out that now they raised it, at least they would have left it at 100 in 102 it cost but it killed, now I am a lot with a bug and on top not everyone gives the item of the 10000 exalted quest, it is impossible the truth so that more level I have less I can do !!!!!!!!
  7. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    the ip of my router is fixed I can not change it for more than disconnect a while. I do not know what to do I can not enter Argentina 3 days ago
  8. items event

    Hello, I want to know if the items, which we receive in the daily event after 30 minutes, I can use them after day 26 or they are deleted if I do not use them before? Thank you Hola quiero saber si los items ,que recibimos en el evento diario después de 30 minutos los puedo usar despues del dia 26 o se borran si no los use antes?? gracias