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  1. So i'm here to report 2 possible bugs. Firstly, the "Preliminary Details: 15th Anniversary – The Ultimate Celebration" topic, at the EXP distribution table, says at any level you should get 100% of the experience acquired from killing a monster. Instead the lower level character gets about 10-20% of the total EXP compared to the high level guy in party, so a lesser EXP penalty still exists. Secondly, it is known that if the level difference in a party is too high among the members, monsters will not drop any adena, and this is still the case. So if i want to level my low level box, during this event, am i forced to give up all my adena drops?
  2. So is botting legal now?

    Still waiting for @Juji or @Hime to confirm whether or not third party software (bots) either are legal to use for everyone, or if you will still punish people for using them.
  3. So after the removal of the Bot Report Button and the introduction of the auto farming features. Are third party software aka botting now also allowed? @Juji @Hime
  4. lvl 55 exp bug

    @Juji 2 months of the investigation, you can see with a quick look, lol
  5. lvl 55 exp bug

    @Juji check 5 weeks? rly?
  6. When aden fix? again zero info
  7. What needs to be done.

    ofc no info admin
  8. WTB sb: Haste

    WTB sb: Haste
  9. WTB Plated Leather Armor

    WTS set 9kk
  10. @Hime If administration on servers changes the installments as much as they want, do you plan to publish your own L2 wiki? Now nobody knows anything. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Main_Page
  11. Level 55 is bugged, and here is why

    @Hime when fix this bug?
  12. Right away you can see that you have no idea what the game is on this server. the problem is not in rate but in that location Antnest (near giran) drop 800 adena (mobs x1 hp 30 lev) and mob HP x4 50 lev drop 1,2k adena. If you ever played CP in a full party, you would know that you can not use shots because you will NEVER do a plus. As NC wanted to make a HARD server, ALL mobs should drop a big deal and they did paradise for bots.
  13. Ideas behind lowered adena rates?

    @Hime GM, please, do not hesitate to joke about the customers. Set up a drop so that you can play. Currently, Eminace Bow takes 5 SSC and to kill a mob on FOM you have to hit 5 times on 5x level. The cost is 80x7 = 560a. Mobs drop 300a (70%) and so beating there we lose adena on every mob. 1 day farm (CP archer) we lost 1kk adena. (using TOP D - the same effect, because you have to give more hit) All players must create a low lev char and farm (antynest) and farm adena. This is not normal. Increasing the adeny (only) x2 will still cause losses. The current solution is used only by bots of which there are thousands at initial locations. Please, inform me what location will be changed (drop / adena / spoil) tomorrow and the exact details how much adena will give to each mobs. All classes are treated unfairly. I do not understand why only magicians (AOE) have a buffer. (they hit AOE and so the farm's basket is low). When will they finally rune? (othel etc.)
  14. Death Wisper

    WTS DW 5kk or WTT haste.