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  1. I have the same, didn't knew that refresh helps when i wanted to make topic to ask... Yet I was too lazy to send ticket. When I try i see: The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C137/3
  2. Favourite class: Wynn Elemental Master Nickname: Ormazd Server: Naia
  3. Dailies, afk farm, sieges, etc. Suitable time 23:00~23:30 Gmt +1 but we can talk and manage a bit
  4. Hello, I am not going to change as long as i have clan/friends to play with. Still have few goals to achive in this class. After i reach 110 i will just focus on dual which is low lvl Othel. I don't like Yul and Feoh too. Your gear should fits to othel, it's really nice to see how that class works in compare to Wynn
  5. No matter if u want to make p.atk or m.atk build you should use retributer because of weapon mastery passive skill. Retributer stacks the best. Just read weapon mastery description. P.atk build will include: different SA in weapon (e.g. P.atk + HP), STR dyes, Elmore cloak, circlet of authority, light set, ruby lvl+++ and many others directed for p.atk; M.atk build should include: SA in weapon for magic crt dmg, m.atk, INT dyes, Aden cloak, circlet of foresight, robe set, sapphire lvl+++ and many others directed for m.atk
  6. There is one more reason why Wynn class is broken. When you get higher lvls like 114+++, your servitors are stopped at 110 because there is no more skills to upgrade and you can't enchant them. So you are useless at PVE, your main damage sources (servitors) are low level and don't make any dmg. Full p.atk build can works till 110 but it's still 0 dmg compared to other classes with same gear. Full m.atk build has some sense for PVP.
  7. Ormazd

    PVP Wynn

    I know how it is, this is the reason why i ask about clear PVP build. PVE not exist for wynn anymore.
  8. Ormazd

    PVP Wynn

    Hello, I am not sure if nowadays anybody check summoners topic. Yet... I know all wynn problems and that this is broken, dead, forgotten and unplayable class. Beside of that i would like to make clear PVP build, especially for oly but annotations about sieges are welcome too. I would gather here all information. What gear, SA, abilities, augmentation, dye, jewels, cloak, circlet, homunculus etc. Most things are obvious, I play wynn for years. I would like know more about it for actual version of L2. PS. Yes, I am masochist
  9. I had response from support they will inform me if something change... i try every 1h to log so if something change i will see that immediately. After 3 days offline I logged via VPN. It works but little laggy.
  10. I am over 24h offline, there is no way to log in even for 2mins... still error appears. You gave cat buff for 24h but i can't log in to receive it.
  11. How is that possible that server is "heavy" or "normal"? I try to log for past 10 hours every ~1h and only what I see is "client will be closed"
  12. WTS Blessed Apocalypse Retributer +12 (2 SA - Might/Focus) or trade for Enhanced Shadow Retributer + adena
  13. Thanks @Quenia, this is answer i was looking for I wasn't sure what to compare to E. Shadow. What is more I have healer as dual class.
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