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  1. for me the only reason that is clear is. NCSOFT is gaining its share in all this, they receive their commission for all sales of "Adrenaline" bots and also for all adena sales within the game. Adena sellers are getting richer than the inventors and game owners themselves. We are in a phase where all players are using bot and buying adena, we clean players are the minority, that is why no one cares about us. on a server where 80% of people are buying adena and using bot, the 20% who are trying to play honestly have no voice. For me it does not enter my head the idea that NCSOFT does not have the ability to block all bots if they really want, just do. More if what I think is true, that ncsoft is making money through the sales of BOTS and ADENA, so it's a sign that the hope for the game is over and we do not have anything else to do, the option is, to settle for this or uninstall or game, or play some illegal. I know illegal servers that there is no bot, really 0 bots, nobody can use. I wonder, if in illegal there is no bot, because here in the official with the creators of the game will be allowed? obviously someone is making money from it. I do not believe it's because of a lack of ability to create protection software. Surely in 2,018 2,019 there is a person smart enough to create a protection program that really works, you just find that person or company and hire their services. XIGN CODE from wellbia.com does not really work.
  2. why not put the trade by auction house system?

    surely the shops (AFK) is to manipulate the numbers of players online. because there are 1,000 or 2,000 shops (AFK) occupying server space and deluding that these people are really active players, but in fact they are just BOX off-line.
  3. why not put the trade by auction house system?

    destroy why? will destroy only the stores and visual pollution, will improve trade, because the person put the item on the AH and closes the game! you do not need to go online advertising in the chat or waiting for your store to sell, spending electricity with the computer on 24 hours every day. and with AH she does all the work herself, she keeps the prices good and decent, because the players can not cheat or scammer, they can not put high prices because the players are seeing all the server items and all prices! with just a click and a search. it is easy to buy and sell. I really do not understand why you said that this ends the trade. Are you thinking rationally? or do you just think the shops pretty?
  4. exp lost when dying only harms. We use our adena to buy blessed spiritshot, which is very expensive. We also use adena for teleport, which is very expensive, we also use adena to buy some buff if you play solo, at high level it can take 2 hours to get 5% XP, and if we die we lose all 5%, we lose all adena, we lost soulshot, we lost time. We are discouraged. WAR SYSTEM: exp lost in death ends all server war. The pvp on the server is something very rare, with the amount of players online was to have pvp at all times, mass pvp and solo pvp. more does not exist !! nobody wants to lose xp and lose the adena that used to win this xp. we know it is classic hardcore, but it is hardcore only for those who do not use bots and for those who do not buy adena. Just use your head and have experience inside the game, think a little and think with logic. there could be pvp low level, mid level, high level, all the time, tireless pvp non-stop. No one plays just to kill monsters.
  5. report is useless, the work to be done is on the part of ncsoft and the developers and creators of lineage 2 game. For a good future of the game it is necessary to develop protection software that is able to block all bots. any other comment or report is useless. What we need is for ncsoft to work on it. Thank you and good game.
  6. offline stores pollute the city, cause lag, occupy server slots because they need to stay all day online to try to sell something, and nothing sells, because the server trade is bad. There are people who can not leave the computer connected 12h or 24h to sell items with stores, the system of auction house is a modernization that is excellent and has improved the trade within the game 100%, since the items always have a fair price, we can compare the best price for sale and purchase. is an extreme facility. It does not make sense to have more than 1000 characters (AFK, offline, away) taking up server space and polluting cities that we can not even walk in from so many shops. And the stores never sell anything, the trade is very bad, I have many items to sell and I can not sell anything.
  7. Did you know that there are people taking care of the bot by the smartphone? with remote access programs. In short, they do not need to be at home or on the computer. can be anywhere in the world with wi-fi that may be configuring the bot and letting its personages 24 hours to farm without worries.
  8. of course, plus the point here is equality, fairness, gameplay, quality in gameplay with equality for all. we can not play a game that the hacker is free. A normal player needs to use his hands and fingers to play. a bot just needs the program and your eyes.
  9. Point 1 (First question)Settings help bots, but they do not help clean players. The best solution against the bots is the PK, we can have fun giving pk in bots. that would be fun. however, with such ridiculous configuration it is impossible. Lineage 2, you pk and kill the mobs to take off the karma. Here karma does not come out. you can kill 1 million mobs and continue with karma. this is ridiculous. More now ncsoft is selling pk scroll. so I understand why this is so, the reason is Money. Point 2 (Second question) Summoner, Elves, Dark Elves and Humans. We know there are people who can open 10 screens, 20 screens, endless screens and characters while a normal player can open only 3. ok. Adena sellers create a level 1 summoner and stay 24 hours up with no-grade items. They do quests of classes and quest of the moon armor alone, automatically with scripts. So they do not need to play the game and they do not have to buy Soulshot, weapons or armor, because summon kills everything without needing anything. This is paradise for the bots and the nightmare for clean players. We can not put together a lot of adena, because we need to buy items, the bots have no expense, just profit. Point 3 ( Third question, final) I'm a clean player. I have a good GEAR. I need to stop working, stop being with the family, leave my personal life aside to play and to have a good GEAR and good items. And bots can let their characters up and farm without having to be on the computer, they can take care of their person life, take care of family, work, have a time for leisure, and their characters keep on farming without stopping, and they even earn money selling adena. We think, are we on the right side? Is it worth being a clean player? or should we all be dirty?
  10. and just one more thing to close my post. I think it is not the players' job to do away with the bots. We enter the game to have fun, and we ask everyone to have equal chances to grow. It's NCSoft's job to develop an anti-bot or anti-hacker capable of blocking all programs because you're being paid for it, I think you get paid to work. we're coming in 2019, and it's been more than 10 years that no one has managed to create an anti-bot that really Works. thanks and good game, ( or try )
  11. My opinion, if there is no anti-bot capable of blocking all programs, the best solution is an active Game Master (GM), online in game, with no privileges to create items or admin menu, with only the privilege to ban. so you can see and ban bots at the same time. because you just have to teleport to a city and you can see who the adena sellers are. is not there a way to block the IP of these players? I know players who have 20 elven wizard level 40+ and have never been banned, how do they escape? all adena sellers are using Elven Wizards to farm because it is the best class. You do not need a weapon, they are reaching level 50 with weapons no grade, because they use a party full with summoner. Anyone can identify a bot just by looking. I can not believe that there is no protection program capable of blocking (paid bots, adrenaline) and they can open more than 3 screens, I've heard of players who can open 10 screens on 1 computer. and also do not believe that there is a way to block the IP of these players to never enter the game again.
  12. hello to all lineage 2 players. every day we see adena selling advertisers nonstop. they do not take ban and also do not receive chat block. they farm and sell adena freely without being punished. Me and my friend played fair, we did not use any program to play, and we both had our accounts blocked by suspicious activity and we stayed for several days without being able to play. NCsoft is blocking clean and honest players is releasing bot for adena sellers? I believe that equality should be for everyone, or the bot is released for all players or is blocked for everyone. Yesterday a player showed in the global chat 40kk of adena saying (Free money). How is it possible that nobody sees this? why is not there an active Game Master (GM) within the game to ban all bots? makes me think that the company does not care about the game and the players, only care about money and profit. you need to understand that for us players, lineage 2 is much more than a game, it is a passion, a lifestyle. So we were outraged to see people hacking and abusing ncsoft without being punished. 80% of players are using bot bought. I see bots everywhere because NCSoft does not see it? Why does not anyone do anything about it? the bots are spoiling the game, if in 2 months they have 50kk 100kk from adena. in 1 year they will have so much adena that it will ruin all the trade of the game ... A regular and clean player can make 500k 1kk per day, these bots and adena sellers have 20 30 40 Elven Wizards level 30+ 40+, imagine the how much they can farm. While there are players suffering to put 1 char level 40, there are people who have 20 chars 40+. this is absurd, char level 40 with no-weapon weaponry. The game could have come to life and lasted forever, but I do not believe a classic full bot has a good future. This game is 100% bot, everywhere, everywhere. this is boring.
  13. Thank you very much, I sent the message to this email at the same time I took a critical error. and I still have not answered, I'm trying to understand why they did this to me, it's been 16 hours since I've been trying to get into my account to buy my bow so my archer can play. I'd like to know why they did this to me, some justification please. have a good day and thanks.