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  1. Most people that are posting in this thread are VIP4. So try again.
  2. Good luck with sea of spores and ivory tower spellbook farming......
  3. rofl you fix only a few area of spoils... way to drop the ball yet again. So solo players are screwed?
  4. We know spoils (and rates) on l2wiki are not exact, but it the closest tool we have. The spoils (mob loot tables) are greatly different than the Prima Guide which was the official "Classic" loot tables. There is nothing more "classic" than Prelude. I have a 43 BH and 4 level 20 dwarves. I only had enough animal bone fragments to make 1/3 of the CBP to make D grade weapon. I mained a BH in prelude-c2 (1.5 would fit in this window???) and NEVER struggled for animal bone (fragments). The spoils that have always been 30-70% are now 10-20% and the quanities are rarely ever in excess of 1 when
  5. Are you silly? Adena/spoils do not affect NcSoft's income. Only items in the coin shop are addressed with emergency maintenance.
  6. Maybe you should follow the adena sales of the 60+ players reselling Proof of blood money to player to player adena sales sites.
  7. Take all Classic servers or like 16k+ players to fix a bug that affected less than 200 players. Seems legit. Why not just give them a fresh rune once you fix the bug with the rune?
  8. The guys 60+ are the biggest whales. NcSoft is getting rich of these players. Spending thousands of dollars of shots,xp schools, and runes.
  9. A spoiler always could solo, spam SS, haste pots, ww pots, and healing potions and STILL MAKE MONEY. Now will an out of party buffer and healer, you have to rely on a .1% spoil to break even. Spoiling has NEVER been like this.
  10. Well said. It is hard to be patient without communication.
  11. I would prefer prelude rates and drops. I would settle for C1 or C2 rates. What we have now is utter crap. The only Bounty Hunters making money are leeching spoils out of party from an aoe group or bots.
  12. They aren't fixing spoils at this time. They are fixing the issue that affected the cash shop purchases. If it hurts NCSoft, fix immediately. It hurts the player base, "we are looking into it."
  13. Not only did I have enough mats for any craft I wanted, I usually supplied mats for 3-4 other good friend.
  14. I main'ed a BH in Prelude-C2. I remember the rates. I never had to buy mats to craft (outside key mats) that is not close to the situation now. The rates are scuffed, let us hope this patch fixes them. I really really enjoy this game, but I am afraid if this patch fails many of my friends are going to quit playing.
  15. Still doesn't fix the spoil rates.
  16. I guess I should have said "fix" about drops and adena.
  17. Still wanting to know if the devs are going to address the spoil rate. I saw a patch to fix adena and drops, but not for spoils. I just want to know if it is something being fixed or if I should scrap my bounty hunter and roll a nuker.
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