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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ya2mmgAvgi0&t=1s Hope you enjoy of the video of the person with the most bad luck in game ever
  2. About these Greedy Chests if people are saying that they are helping the market we should think about another solution for them. instead of having a chest popup Can't they just make it drop from a mob lvl 115 + randomly? Like this there wont be any spy's waiting for the chest and ppl would need to hunt mobs and hope to get luck and getting a chest.
  3. ty let's hope you guys find the problem
  4. is not only aden, and yeah all this crap started for me once i ported to aden also and now it's instant dc.
  5. After March 24 Maintenance I getting d/c very often, but before that all was fine. Hope you guys are looking into this matter . I even did a file scan and that didn't help
  6. Is it only me or are other ppl getting random dc from game? I can't even last more then 1 hours in game and i get a dc. This started last night.
  7. Y2J

    Dual Sub

    Agree with you, this would solve many problems or even just leave the red libra npc on all time. We are paying to change sub at either npc talking Island or red libra npc So leaving red libra npc on I don't see a problem or fixing the talking island npc.
  8. Y2J

    Dual Sub

    Just a question about the dual sub change and why if you change your sub at talking Island is still at lvl 85? The new nobless and all other stuff is now at lvl 105 and not 85 like it was in the pass, so in theory should that npc in talking island to change your sub only delvl you to 105 instead of 85 like it is now?
  9. Thanks for Red libra, let's just hope that taken a quest will be free like in the pass. Also Hime, Juji, and NCWest let's hope this attribute herbs helps ppl with lower gear like me to be able to kill stuff once again.
  10. @Juji Can you please explain why balok now needs 14 ppl ? Also why the cc leader p/t is the only that can pick up the drops? Can the drops from balok be fix if you need cc for it?
  11. This is my ideal to make all servers little more sable till it's be fix 100% Make 2 new servers one for NAIA and the other for Chronos Then transfer all players that are below lvl 104 to these new servers, Stop ppl from making toon on NAIA and Chronos. On the new servers Np ppl can make toon there to help them once all the problems are all fix. Once all problems are fix you can transfer these player back to there servers they where at before
  12. Just so you know, the limit is 3 per pc checked into it yesterday
  13. @Juji & @Hime You guys have almost every gamer's dream job to be a GM, why don't you guys DO your job and ban these botters? You guys know this has been a problem for many years but still you guys DO nothing to fix it.
  14. @Juji & @Hime why you guys not saying anything ? what you guys trying to do to make the ppl happy ? 2 3 hours for ppl to log is a sad story, if this keep up ppl will leave game. Is this what you guys want?
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