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  1. @Juji Can you please explain why balok now needs 14 ppl ? Also why the cc leader p/t is the only that can pick up the drops? Can the drops from balok be fix if you need cc for it?
  2. This is my ideal to make all servers little more sable till it's be fix 100% Make 2 new servers one for NAIA and the other for Chronos Then transfer all players that are below lvl 104 to these new servers, Stop ppl from making toon on NAIA and Chronos. On the new servers Np ppl can make toon there to help them once all the problems are all fix. Once all problems are fix you can transfer these player back to there servers they where at before
  3. Just so you know, the limit is 3 per pc checked into it yesterday
  4. Yeah many ppl getting this error
  5. @Juji & @Hime You guys have almost every gamer's dream job to be a GM, why don't you guys DO your job and ban these botters? You guys know this has been a problem for many years but still you guys DO nothing to fix it.
  6. @Juji & @Hime why you guys not saying anything ? what you guys trying to do to make the ppl happy ? 2 3 hours for ppl to log is a sad story, if this keep up ppl will leave game. Is this what you guys want?
  7. @Juji & @Hime Until you guys are able to fix these problems we are getting why don't you guys bann these botters?
  8. Agree DELETE all mobs from these low lvl places have many bots maybe 95% running the game 24/7.
  9. Bot in game

    Go look at lower lvl you will see them return to place
  10. Bot in game

    One the new macro system doesn't work anymore. Second macro doesn't make you return to target point like i see many times today
  11. Bot in game

    Not new just getting annoyed they doing nothing to ban botter
  12. Bot in game

    I Don't know if you guys do any banning but it's rly getting bad in game with bots. Take a look at garden of genesis / Bloody swampland / archaic laboratory And I am sure there are many other places you guys could check also
  13. Known Issue: Server Latency

    +1 to the rebooting of the server every 24 hour till this lag is fix
  14. Why are you guys doing the maintenance when Olympiad going to start? Why didn't you guys do it earlier ? Will Olympiad last longer tonight bcz of this unscheduled maintenance ?