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  1. That done I do not know how much ticket I made to postpone the bots! Neutral zone is full bot, the dwarf too, Ruin of despair too, even cruma the only place where adena drop. If it is legal to kick it must be said! I really believe that you Ncsoft is working with the adenas seller! You do nothing at all, have this invade more and more, it removes the atmosphere of the game. You had a good game unfortunately you did not do anything. The only thing that should be done is; To eliminate the seller adenas, the bots and to adjust some places of drop (adenas) and the case of the drop spellbook has an
  2. Really erase my image that I add with my answer above? Do you work for the adena seller? I do not understand you at all how did you do that. If it was not company I would defend myself. Vendors use illegal programs to talk to us privately without knowing us. It gets more and more annoying. The only ones able to come to blow of the bots are the GM In game I offer my reaction if you want ncsoft!
  3. Good NCsoft you should not even ask yourself a question and Ban automatic is not very complicated and easy to see! [content removed]
  4. The problem is that you set zone by zone and many people find a farm in the same area and have many on the server.
  5. @Hime If you do not fix the drop of the adenas From here the other maintenance me I will leave your games! It is a Beta version not tested, nothing is balanced. I would like to know also if you go to put the new skill of Swordsinger, several class had news skills mias not that the one.
  6. Seriously made for the seller adenas and their spamm! it was hell just a few moments before your last update, I had some blocker, and any after that down on November 15th the same had come back. So do you pretend to banish them? I have been told that on Lineage 2 Revolution you ban them automatically. Why are you doing nothing? In short, nothing seems to be up for now and it's filling up day by day. They are even returned to our hunt place to do the self message. Soon they will not be able to speak it in the game anymore.
  7. Seriously NCsoft, you have no GM IG on the Talking Island server, many people are selling adenas and they are sitting next to GateKeeper. Why do not you do anything? seems to me that it is not complicated to go to quote and ban. They are polluters on the server! Why are not you delineating a sales area? or a restriction? he has so many people on the side of the gatekeeper that they do not even see him anymore. He had this on some servers to deprive of lineage 2.
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