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  1. I made a post about this and even send a ticked asking about merge, they told me there are no plans right now about any server merge, i don't understand these ncsoft guys really, they are waiting for the server to die completely first and then maybe do something about it, instead of saving it right now before more people quit the game, it's like they want to lose more money

  2. A month ago you agreed there is a problem in adena/drop/spoil rates and decided to fix SOME AREAS, a month later you are now saying everything working as indented leaving lots of 40+ (especially solo) areas without change such as timak outpost 41+ mob drops 130 adena, why? What is the reason behind this i don't get it at all. Why working as indented means to you forcing people to create 25+ lvl toons to able to farm adena for their main high level character and his teleports, i'm not mad or anything i'm just really confused right now, can a developer just explain to us in details what is the reason behind this (in my opinion ridiculous) decision?

  3. On 11/17/2018 at 2:56 AM, digital said:

    He himself did not get anything but he dont care - yet he makes a new topic about it - seems u care bro big time too! I mean how many cry threads we going to get I swear I never seen so many people cry about a server before..

    Did you even read what i wrote? I said i care about economy of the server, even if i would have got 5 weapons id still make the same post saying it was a mistake

  4. Halloween top D rewards was a mistake, a BIG one, half the server became rich by making 10 accounts and abuse the event, i myself did not got anything and i don't even care about that, the only thing i care is that stuff like this ruins economy and it shouldn't happen especialy in a classic server.Now i don't know what the christmas event is gonna be about but please, don't give weapon rewards with this event, buffs,xp/sp scrolls, soe's etc are fine, if anything consider give some soulshots as a reward to the people that are strugling right now with the incorrect adena scaling of mobs.

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  5. 47 minutes ago, PorraCaralho said:


    I know you're probably tired of reading yet another "I quit" thread (I know I am). Still, my reasons are a little different than what you usually read in this forum, so I think my thread holds merit.

    When I heard they've launched L2 Classic (a week ago), I got ecstatic. The memories of adventure, camaraderie, grinding, and pvp'ing made me rush into Lineage2's website and download the game. I built my Human Fighter (soon to be Rogue/Hawkeye), hyped about what would be again, a magnificent gaming experience. My eyes watered when I heard Talking Island's theme, and saw so many players running around killing Elpies and Wolves.

    I never knew how set up for disappointment I was, because:


    • Quests ruin the starter (lvl 1-20) L2 experience - You're showered with experience, equipment, and soulshots at a very early rate. No one wants to play outside the questing areas because there's no point to. Nobody wants to party early on because the quest items will only go to whoever last hit the monsters. Nobody buys early gear because quests will give you enough items to reach lvl 20. People only grind outside the questing areas when they need to hit level 15 (so that they can keep questing). Every place outside the questing areas is void of life. The world feels empty.


    • Halloween Event ruins the early (lvl 20-39) L2 experience - Instead of grinding, crafting, and playing the market, everybody is running multiple accounts and leaving AFK chars on cities, hoping to win a free D weapon. Everyone is running around with those stupid Halloween costumes, making it harder for you to PVP. You can't tell if your target is wearing a Composite Bow or a Light Crossbow, thanks to that costume. While the event ends today, that huge influx of free D weapons helped crash the market, making it even harder for regular players to grind for their items.


    • Free teleporting - No one is taking their time to explore the beautiful world of Lineage 2. Players are just teleporting to the hottest grinding zones. There's no point in PK'ing someone who is in your farming spot because they can teleport back in seconds, while you'll have to kill 350 monsters to clear your karma (I know this ends today, but it sure left a sour mark on my leveling experience).


    • Little/no player interaction (BIGGEST OFFENDER) - Nobody makes groups early on, because questing and dual-boxing are more rewarding. Nobody talks to anyone, because everyone is self-sufficient early on. Nobody PVPs or PKs, as they're too focused on grinding. The only invitations for grouping I've seen were for RBs and AOE parties. The only message that came out of another player was "rec plz". It feels like I'm playing a single-player RPG, as everyone around me is a mindless grinding bot.


    That's it. I'm not even gonna talk about rates, because this subject was discussed to death already.


    I miss making friends and enemies as I grind my way out of Talking Island.

    I miss the small PVP actions we'd take outside the cities' gates, whenever we got tired of grinding.

    I miss interacting with the dozens of humans also waiting for the boat to take them to Gludin Village.

    I miss seeing a random schmuck with a red name being chased by five other players.

    I miss that livid Lineage 2 world.

    At the peak of my insatisfaction and boredom with this game, I ran a killing spree on Ruins of Despair. As a lvl 21 Human Rogue, wearing a wooden set of armor and wielding a Composite Bow, I've killed exactly 41 players and died 0 times. Out of these 41 players, only 10 fought back. No one hunted me. No one whispered me to smear the honor of my mother. They all just silently ressed and got back into mindlessly grinding mobs.

    While NCSoft did its part to hurt the classic Lineage 2 experience, the community made me quit the game.



    P.S - As soon as someone replies to this thread, I'm dropping my Composite Bow and 290k adena, somewhere on Ruins of Despair. Maybe that will motivate some of you guys to do something else other than mindlessly grinding monsters.


    What the hell really, i was chased and chase people with pk, i made friends and enemies early in the game i had 25 pvp on 27 lvl already, right now with my clan we know with who we will start war later in the game, halloween is gone, free tps is gone, i had all the feelings you mentioned about this game since i started playing it, only thing i hated was halloween event it ruined balance and economy, other than that, me and my friends really enjoy the game right now

  6. I needed 1 porta last hit to make second human quest, both first rooms in cruma had each 1 pt farming the room, so i went and ask for a last hit, i did not even got an answer they continue killing and ignoring me or speak some portuguese which i don't understand, so i went to the other room and asked the same, again total silence, so a porta spawned in the other side of the room and i tryed to solo it, they actually stopped their farming and came to stun me and healing the mob i was trying to kill and im like WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE! So in the end i managed to get the last hit i wanted but what the hell was that about? I never in the years i play lineage seen people acting so f***ed up for no reason whatsoever, especially when someone just wants to do his Q and then leave.

    Sorry if i wasted your time i was bored and just wanted to share that :)

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