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  1. So I am in really bad mood now. You added event where Solo players (I am solo OL 57lvl) could get closer to high lvl clans and actually join. Now u fk up and instead of it give minor Exp boost (mostly for RB usage) and 2 rice cakes as sorry?? If I do stuff like that at my job i would get INSTANTLY FIRED Dissatisfied by 1000miles ...
  2. @Tynk I call Shade. What you write actually shows you know nothing about classic. You can wear any set you wanna but as every time in L2 history there were class+armor type combination... Mages were always robe, archer/dagger light and tanks/fist,glad,titan hvy. Weapon with casting speed.. Well here is the reason i know you did not even study a bit before spiting this shade. There are runes which you can add into any weapon. So it actually give you more choices. cause you can have acumen in bow or polearm. So get a tissue stop cry and play!
  3. Dark elf cause he got hightest P attack (spend the least on SS) And highter lvl good dmg skills.
  4. in L2 store there is item called "newbie pack" its for free take it and use it it got inside all 3 moon sets.
  5. In pay shop there is newbie pack. It include all 3 moon sets +Sls dual sword (no grade 30days)
  6. Hi there is no Balthus knigts game start? On EU server you can choose Balthus and after few into quest you start lvl 85. is there not this option? EXP oldchool is boring due to broken classes with hyper base stats.
  7. @Amraith NOPE nothing is solved. GOT DCed every 10min... and If i will count the flame ingame this hapens to a looot of ppl. funny -12% to 3 crashed thanks for NOTHING NC West!
  8. Maybe grade penalty? Server is running as always without any issue at lease for me and my clan.
  9. Hi i think its bug or wrongly written patch note.. Patch note says that runes drop from RB 60+(+grand bosses). But just droped runes from 54lvl RB.. Please fix Patch note or Game.
  10. You failed the comunity.. and even LIED! https://youtu.be/flieQ0TnFY8?t=346 Why cant you just for ONCE not LIE???
  11. The stats of Dragon pendant stage 5 +10 are INSANE!!! srsly?40% bonus exp just for having it????????? -40% mp consume WTF?! 1344 Mcrit damage+15%crit damage in total ?!
  12. okay so you basically gave curse death link to those Necros and Sph?! This is definately the most retarded thing ive ever seen. Whenever i PvP against Necro or SPH rangers i just get one shotted here and there for like 6 k. as soon as i hit them down at like half hp ...boom dead. and they are also able to exp with that because the reuse time is like NOTHING???? is it really supposed to be like that or is it getting nerfed or something?. Spellsinger and sorceror is pretty much useless in this "wannabe Classic" Server right. Man i remember the good old L2 Days when Win Skills like
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