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  1. 1. Vietnamese 2.Early was SWS/Glad then Paladin/ISS and now Eva/ISS 3.Old Bartz/Chronos(HennessyVSOP) - Magmeld/Freya(Hennessy) and now Chronos. 4.105/105 5. I start from beta then quit in 2010 then 2015 comeback till now.
  2. this is my evis ingame macro for boxing solo kama. 1. tokken 2 leftstep (this not nessesary because bosses never get stun but for fast charge) 3.literal 4. delay 2 5.token 6.backstep 7.rightstep Want none delay? use your hands. its simple
  3. it took me like a week plus in monster track for skills testing and a couple daily run to learn control my tank in this update. Lets leave behide a nerfed of party protection skills, the new tank control make me happy in both pvp and pve.
  4. Dont expect much. I do tested with yul and feoh top geared, the amount reflect they got seem nothing.
  5. like this? I used to have tankvstank in Olym this weekend, I just have movement delay when Grand wave barrier on, I'm not sure my enemy tank use shield wave same time with me or not but none d/c. and check this : http://boards.rochand.com/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=1975&start=300
  6. With your simple macro, it prefer you should try to use ingame macro, my evis most the time boxing and I just control my iss for debuff when do kama and most instances.
  7. iVSOP

    Seiges/Mass PvP

    Does it matter? I think he busy to be a Hero of his family.
  8. Does anyone try to purchase again an item have limits 1 per account after update?
  9. What is SK tank? is that Shillen Templar?
  10. The visual effect of Trio Sonata on party members completely gone.
  11. After Shield Wave landed, Grand wave Barrier on if you continuous land another debuff skills its still consums ss (stop hitting) untill the Grand Wave Barrier gone. Is is a bug?
  12. Nope, read my previous post
  13. try to cast single sonata and try trio again, do you really havent see it missing? ( I mean the visual effect, not the buff effect or icon)
  14. The effect of Trio Sonata skill buff missing!
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