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  1. Hi, See below, all mage agathions seems to be bugged... @Juji Is it a known issue that is being looked at? Mage agathions give P. Skill cooldown reduction instead of M. Skill cooldown reduction and MP consumption.. ...
  2. [BUG] Kamael - Expert Casting

    Thank you for your clarification. I have just checked the description on Russian classic server, it says that it increases casting speed and reduces magic cooldown (despite what armor is equipped). Will check it with a robe once servers are back online.
  3. Hi, It seems this passive doesn't work at all, casting speed is not increasing wearing Light armor... Can this please be addressed? Thanks
  4. No, it was the right link, they have added it at least a day later !
  5. How come it's my fault? Admins posted patch notes for our region which might be different to other regions and we have to rely on!
  6. Well, long story short: we are screwed, again... I didn't buy Magic Tablets before update simply because of released patch notes which stated that each tablet requires x20 particles And below is what we got in the end - hard to describe how I feel about it...!!!