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  1. "The Secret of Venezuela"??

    i also remember those days... of course i dont want wait so many time for they can fix this adena issue, i have just seen ingame a message that they are currently aware about this problem and they will fix it soon, so we need wait a bit
  2. "The Secret of Venezuela"??

    they have announced ingame and in forum that all adena issue will be fixed, so only we can do is wait... PS: when all this adena issue is fixed, can u post it on forum and ingame @Juji????
  3. update errors?

    i want to imagine that all the things are working wrong like low adena drop, no client limit, new teleport mode, no xingcode working, etc, have been caused by the new chronicle update, so, i would like that @Juji can tell us if all the things i have previously commented are errors caused by the update or are things that are going to be like this from now on, because i think they are making a terrible mistake, can u say something @Juji???
  4. We need Drop / Spoil Database !

    i'm main spoiler, and i can tell u that at lvl 60+ is when spoiler becomes indispensable, both for materials and recipes as for the amount of spoil that mobs give. true story

    Is there any new about that mission? it was erased from daily missions (i stil don't know why) a few maintenances ago, i think i read in some topic that it would be introduced again, but it seems that not yet... so, any information? ty
  6. May 15th update...

    waiting for confirmation or any info
  7. in the Lineage II 15th Anniversary Preview web they said on may there will be "an exciting announcement", maybe it's what u ask... maybe...
  8. @Hime, with"party hunting bonus" u mean xp being in a group killing mobs?? or what kind of bonus do u mean?
  9. Soulshot lags & Login problems

    +1 @killerPrice 100% agree with him/her it would be nice any member of staff could answer on this topic about all these problems. nobody except staff knows what's going on with all issues (ss/bss lag, log in problems, future events) nobody tells us anything to keep community excited, please say something it doesnt cost much!
  10. does that mean next week or in the next days?
  11. nothing else? no updates? no events? what a dissapointment...
  12. Events

    sincerely i thought that last week you would activate an event for the server taking into account "April's Fool day", but it wasn't like that, i would like to know @Hime if for the maintenance of this week you have thought to activate some event, since it does a lot time in which we don't enjoy any event, at least to keep people happy and excited doing something, because wihout olys, or the implementations that you said would come (for example, forgotten island...) the game is getting boring.
  13. 100% agree on both petitions, event and warehouse in derby!!!
  14. Issue: 'The client will be closed. Continue?'

    and these attendance days...
  15. i don't understand why this problem hasn't been resolved yet... every day u make it more difficult for people to trust u and want to continue play on the server, many ppl haven't been able to log in in all day and have lost time and desire to continue playing. please do something to keep people, something in return for that ppl that continues playing against all these problems... PS: 4 angel-cat buffs will not be the solution
  16. my friends have the same problem in gludio server, they have problem when they try to log in in server selection screen
  17. Are the CH worth it?

    nobody talked about CH buffs.. we are saying giran's CH only has 2 TP and aden's CH has 6 TP, that's the difference, they have the same cost but not the same things, so we are asking for some explanation to the staff. someone posted that aden's hunting zones are better and their mobs are higher level that giran's hunting zones, if i dont remember wrong giran has garden of eva and devil isle, and those zones are high level. that's the point, there are 2 TP from giran's CH and they are more expensive than giran's GK, that's why i thought it was a mistake at the beginning but now i don't know what to think, if we were cheated or if in the next chronicle or next maintenance it will be fixed...
  18. Are the CH worth it?

    we knew all these features from a clan hall, and it seems very usefull, but the problem is when we read about it, aden's and giran's clan halls are top level clan halls, and that's why they have those costs, for bid and for maintenance, but when u see that aden's clan hall have teleport to Blazing Swamp, Ancient Battleground, Forest of Mirror, Seal of Shilen, Tower of Insolence, Angel Waterfall and your clan only has Breka Outpost and Dragon Valley entrance, and those teleports are more expensive than normal gatekeeper... then is normal we feel like idiots... so that's why i ask for some explanation on tickets and now in forum, that's all.
  19. Are the CH worth it?

    i sent a few days ago a ticket talking about this issue, and they answered me that i had to post it on forum, i hope someone like @Hime can say something about this in this topic, maybe to clarify or explain in next chronicles will be different or it will be fixed.
  20. Are the CH worth it?

    Tell me which hunting ground can i go... breka outpost? dragon valley entrance??? i don't know your experience on L2, but in all servers i've played teleports from clan hall have always been cheaper that normal gatekeepers, this is first time i see the opposite. my claim is about why other cities clan halls, like aden, have more teleports that giran clan halls if they are same level and have the same cost, compare aden's clan halls and giran's. i don't know if the price of teleports is a mistake or is made on purpose, but it's first server and the first time i see it.
  21. Are the CH worth it?

    hi, i'm member of a clan that wins a clan hall auction on Giran in Gludio server, and i want to say several things about this issue... Giran's Clan Hall has 2 teleports, breka outpost and dragon valley (entrance), if u compare Aden's clan hall and Giran's clan hall, the first ones have more teleports (Blazing Swamp, Ancient Battleground, Forest of Mirror, Seal of Shillen, Tower of Insolence and Anghel Waterfall), Aden's Clan Halls and Giran's Clan Halls are classified as the same level and have the same cost, so why is this difference so huge? if that wasn't enough, teleports from clan hall are more expensive than normal gatekeeper (dragon valley from ch - 1000 adena / dragon valley from giran's gatekeeper - 870 adena), how is that possible!!!!!!???? We made a big investment of adena to get a Clan Hall in giran and we have the feeling we have been scamed, usually owning a Clan Hall used to give you a big advantage but at the moments it has only meant a loss of adena. In addition, Clan Hall's Items seem to be lacking, we have talked with other owners of Clan Halls and they have gotten Dual Weapon Craft Stamp, but in our shop it hasnt appear, even though we have set it to lvl 3 and all what was suppossed to be necesary, we have read in the forum that its suppossed to be ramdom, but other Clan Halls owners have gotten it already and have had 0 problems obtaining the item while us have been unable to buy even 1 after camping the shop for 2 days now. after all this we would like to have all this fixed as soon as posible, ty
  22. Aden and gludio need a merge, that's a reality, you only need to enter in those servers and check how is their situation, i think their players need a merge because if these two servers don't merge soon they will lose most of part of their players, so i think it's better merge servers than lose those server because they are emptys. i cant believe that someone can say something about "Most of those players intentionally picked dead servers to have an easier gameplay", in my case i chose gludio because many friends and i couldnt play in giran/talking, not because we thought it would be more easier in gludio... L2Classic needs an update, merge some servers and bring something new to keep players, people is tired leveling and fighting for nothing... and i dont want talk about bots/adenas sellers because i think its a lost cause, so do SOMETHING right now
  23. Is this a Bot? or a 3 computers user?

    it's unbelievable how u change what happened yesterday trying to show others u are a victim... u are demanding respect for u when yesterday u were threating other players will be banned for say u were using bots... u are saying u were harrased by other players when u spend more than 1 hour trying to kill players and their boxes and as result of that u were killed by yourself with ur boxes using ur "fantastic" /assist mode with 3 pc's... u are telling in forum u are a victim, when in all time that all happened u were saying "karma, all are u doing u will suffer consequences in ur real life, u will remember this day and i will be laughing about it". i don't care if u were using bots, in my opinion u were using it, and if isnt true it seemed it, we did what we always do, try to kill the bots, we did it and u pk us, ok then, we came back, we kill u and we recover our spot, we kill u several times btw because u came back all times with "ur party", so stop saying lies and feel like a victim...this is L2, if other ppl see u killing mobs where they were killing and they kill u, u have 2 options, 1) come back and kill them 2) dont come back and say nothing and go to other spot, but in ur case there is a third option 3) come back, die all time, and after that cry in forum u said in other post u were a pve player, and i think its totally true because u sucks in pvp but u are more than that u are a FORUM WARRIOR