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    There are lineage t-shirt you can buy online. I am not sure whether they are made by nc west or not but you can google to see how they look like
  2. Live Server FUTURE Events

    I really wonder red libra will be back by the end of this year as mentioned previously. And there should really be some christmas event too
  3. Red Libra?

    Let players change their main class! Not only dual class. I do want to change my main
  4. Red Libra?

    When and where did old producer mention about that? Could you give me a link for it please? You ain't talking about one that's done in July, are you? Even if the old producer mentioned it 'after July', there is absolutely no guarantee that new one follows it though.
  5. Red Libra?

    Not until next year march-april for sure.
  6. Stop stupid ceremony of chaos

    In what world one RPG game lets low lvl users die in 3 second in facking dual etc by 3 second? Yout stupid NC soft should stop this shit quest related to this and reward related to this, that only benefit shit p2w brazilian. No RPG game in the world but L2 lets low lvl play fight against high lvl players in the same coloseum and zone for facking event. Stupid shit motherfackers change the crap. If you dont think this is wrong please look in the mirror and think how the god did ever create trash junk like yourself - so stupid scammer and narrow minded p2w oriented bleep. I wish you burn in hell. Your entire family too