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  1. "Only" 20 rare book of splendor , but I can't complain I did get a Gran Kain Weapon Scroll and a Grater Jewell Box that ended up into an Aquamarine, so I recovered my investment plus a bit of profit thanks to the second pack, from the first pack I lost adena, but adding both of the packs, this event, I got on +. I have to mention that I did not open both of the packs at same time, the reason why the video is split in 2 sections.
  2. https://youtu.be/1UnV75zp-g0 Video Information: - Scroll: Enchant cloak 206 - Legendary Scroll 38
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5Of56ka2Cg&t=22s&ab_channel=Chiiquita Broke 872 Watermelons from where I got 518 Coolers (opened to the end) Warning: The video contains Flashing Lights when Watermelon explodes.
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    Kamael Race

  5. https://youtu.be/53w1GEVPzek Description: Enchanting in different scenarios most used by Lineage 2 players. Contents: 1. Enchant Buffering (press enchant, release before finish 3/5 times) 2. Enchanting Under Water 3. Enchanting in Fantasy Island 4. Enchanting while Crafting Spiritshots
  6. https://youtu.be/ZCZPb4zWxk0 *Instances* Kamaloka 110, Baylor 110, Helios, Gludio 110 *Investment* R99 Armors and weapons: ~ Adena *Result and approximate value* Crystals - 201,909 ~ 2,624,817,000 Adena GEAR - 48 ~528,000,000 Adena EAR - 377 ~829,400,000 Adena Protection - 41 ~1,435,000,000 Adena BEAR - 6 ~420,000,000 Adena Determination - 6 ~540,000,000 Adena GEWR - 4 ~304,000,000 Adena Elcyum Crystal - 23 ~690,000,000 Adena EWR - 34 ~306,000,000 Adena *Profit* ~1,677,217,000 Adena
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR6whxeyhV4 Enchanting Dragon Slayer to +16. *Number of Scrolls used*: ~600 *Goal*: One +16 Dragon Slayer *Reward*: Ruler's Authority Genesis *Guide for video*: Full Screen in order to see the enchanted Dragon Slayer items present in inventory. Additional info: wasted Sayha's Blessing on +6 Sayha's Talisman Lv.6, instead of the equipped Sayha's Talisman Lv.8.
  8. Opening 500 Mythical Dragon Chests https://youtu.be/18VA5dbMias still working at the video editing "skills".
  9. Hi, Class transfer for an old character Ertheia level 42 (been 42 since few years now) is unavailable on right down corner of the screen, I have her still as Ertheia Fighter and I can't take any quest before I do First class transfer. (P.S. No other quests are ongoing or available at any related NPCs Raymond or Tarti) Kind Regards, Larra
  10. Hi, Lately I have being receiving many printscreens with scammers impersonating people from game (in this scenario me and other clan leaders) in order to scamm others. Even if I spamm it everyday on worldshout , I will try make it awear here also my message: DONT GIVE YOUR ITEMS TO ANYONE! they pretend to be someone you know and trust in order to take your items, I reported all the names to ncsoft but the key is at the people to not trust anyone, i repeat: DONT GIVE YOUR ITEMS TO ANYONE. Their current tactic: they invite you in party with them(usually from a low lvl toon), they prete
  11. Same problem here, as I saw Europe is affected.
  12. Hi, Currently are 2 types of Night Market Coins available in l2, the ones outside of promotion are tradable for rewards through Dimensional NPC and the ones in Black Friday Promo are different type of coins(same name), not working to exchange anything through the Dimensional NPC, please help us with a solution for this issue. Kind Regards, Larra
  13. What has extra now Aden, compared with other times, is the Seed Talisman NPC that generates alot of income to Aden Castle only. Only me I failed so many times in the past few months that I even lost count of for Insanity/Heaven talismans and ofc the Kalie purchase has been only from that NPC and GE from Giran.
  14. Ofc, not the link cause that aint ok, but i can post some tips and tricks: we dont have it advanced, but if you need more indebth in the subject you can relate to the 2 links bellow - =SUMIF(A:A,"*"&I31&"*",E:E) u can make summs based on certain conditions even if they are in other sheet - lets not forget about adding a pivot table to your actuall messy table to see more organised all the data - macros - those buttons there are only based on macros just add a lil VBA magic on them and ull get wonders, everything automated in the blink of an eye - making a drop down
  15. My friend, Im an ncoin spender (yeah i know some dont agree with that, but it is what it is), big time one, I dont need to take from my clan in order to make adena, so if you don't match my salary in real life and cant afford buying ncoins, dont make scenarios in your head that don't exist. I will leave this topic cause the toxicity is too high, please, next time, post actuall usefull things like: "How to calculate damage against mob/player according to your attribute attack" that's what this forum is, for game discussions that are actually usefull, not for toxic ppl like you. Kin
  16. I have everything documented, every adena that comes in and out of my clan, everything printscreened, whatever whatever you say i have proof for everything. More accurate statistics then my clan has youll not get, so stop spreading lies, you messed with the wrong person in that subject
  17. If you do nothing in my clan, thats what you get, nothing. From what you say you admit you are a spy in my clan and you are so low to spy on us, but lier lier pants on fire, you know how you catch a lier, with proof, here my friend some taste of how fair share is done. https://gyazo.com/deb9a617806e8d7c4272d0944528579c
  18. I actually share all castle adena with my clan <3 but thank you for saying this, atleast my clan knows how things work and everything is printscreened and always shared between the ppl that come to siege ^^. If u dont have a fair share system in your clan doesnt mean that others don't, Maybe join us and learn how is done, we have good strategy regarding this :D, You can also learn some excel tricks in google sheets if you put some rules, good for your CV. Kind Regards, Larra
  19. Thank you for posting this. Finally some good vibe on this forum.
  20. Hi, Is there any discussions about quests, will be brought back? Personally I had alot of fun making quests as they were before a varity from where u could choose with rewards that would engage you into making them. I know some are still available within game, my question is if the number of quests will grow in near future? I remember were quests where we would get rewards as giant energy, codexes, bloody/dark stones etc (and I repeat I know some still exist). Not necessarly farming quests, but something everyone had a chance too, like formal wear quests where to complete it would need a
  21. Hi, 1-2 Updates ago the Aden Reconstruction Society Leader NPC was exchanging mats for Treasure Chests, some of them were containing abundance talismans. They will delete those chests .
  22. Reminder! Still does not work, is it fair that in siege some castles have mana regeneration and some don't? Is it fair? The castle function not working....game functionality
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