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  1. Hi, Please don't forget about this issue, is so long that I can't activate Mana Regeneration or XP or Health in Castle, nothing works. Kind Regards, Kaily
  2. I received the following, most probably they have many issues to solve and is delayed, but atleast to know is being looked into it to be solved "one day", since now nothing was mentioned in any maintenance about this. "Hello, We apologize for the delayed response due to the high volume of tickets we are receiving. Thank you for reporting this incident. I have forwarded this information to our Quality Assurance (QA) Team. I will let you know once we receive an update."
  3. I assume you did not read the part of: "I already opened 2 tickets with this issue and still no solution." I was hoping maybe here will be more visible since my tickets are already pretty old and still no solution or mentioned about anywhere.
  4. Yes, I have, I am the clan leader of the clan. This issue was in the past (maybe one year ago).Maybe they added new constraints not mentioned in the patchnotes in regards of activating these functions or the bug just came back with an update and no one noticed it.
  5. I tried again based on your sugestion, I deposit in the castle Vault adena from my inventory and the issue still persists. Current castle vault: https://gyazo.com/2507e604f820ad3471410dbc4d855a7c Current castle recovery functions: https://gyazo.com/8d8e0fbba81f375cce6ef49f689b98ee I go to activate them, i press any of the opptions bellow: : https://gyazo.com/193dbbc048c6d98e41342f7d8b25011e I receive this screen: https://gyazo.com/d25864c3a96d35f1c188707ff117d5c7
  6. The tax to apply the fuctions is taken from the clan leaders inventory if i remeber well, HP/MP/XP regeneration functions dont requier a fortress. I've had this castle since almost 2 years, this bug comes and goes, they solved it at a certain point, but it came back again. Ive taken the castle with one of my box clans and after I took it back (I think 2 months ago(?)) I could not apply the functions anymore (I tried in multiple days, with and without adena in castle vault). Thank you for your reply.
  7. Hi, @JujiThere is an ongoing bug in new taken castles, we can't activate any Castle Fucntion, no MP regeneration, no teleport, no HP regeneration, nothing works, it only displays a blank chat window. I already opened 2 tickets with this issue and still no solution. This bug is since many weeks now. Example where the bug is, went with clan leader and: Castle -> Chamberlain of Light NPC->Manage Castle Functions ->Manage additional functions->Recovery -> "Press 1500%"-> Blank Chat window. All the functions have same bug. Kind Regards, Kaily
  8. I have same issue, contacted ncsoft and I received some suggestions that I already tried and don't work, changed ip, browsers, pcs etc, I'm not between the banned countries. I did not create a new account since many months. Tried on multiple days/weeks. All my firewalls/javascript/java restictions are put on allowed for accounts.ncsoft.com/lineage 2 websites. "We have reviewed your issue, and it appears that your attempts are being blocked by our system due to security measures we have in place. While we are unable to override these restrictions, we do have some suggestions that have help
  9. Hi, Please review the lineage 2 website because we face many bugs and issues, as an old player we found many workarounds to manage to login, but as a new player lineage 2 website is not user friendly and would not attract anyone in having to stay 1hour in creating and logging into an account. 1. Account Creation is not working, and no I did not create other account since many months now, I tried mulitple browsers/multiple pcs, is still not working. I did not open a ticket because for me creating a new account is not an urgent matter, but for a new player would be and this concerns NC
  10. The recipes for Elixir of Mind,Life,CP and Blessing have been deleted with the new update and were not replaced by new recipies within game, my question is how we craft them now? How we craft love potions lvl 3+ that have main ingredient Elixir of Blessing?
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