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  1. I have a few classes near 40 that I enjoy. It is probably time to focus and pick 1. With that in mind I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on what to play. The options I am looking at are Warlord, Destro, AW, or SK I like to group, but am not sure I like the SK as a main because soloing is horrible without a group and I will be soloing some. . Will it be prohibitively difficult to find groups with the dagger? Are warlords/destros even needed later? is there an over population/ under population of any of them? Any insight or opinions are helpful. Thank y
  2. You can summon them after your 2nd class change, even in classic if what I hear is correct.
  3. It is already 95% bots running around. At this point they should just build it into the game and let everyone do it. Just go look at any leveling spot and say otherwise. It is not just bots and adena sellers. Players are just botting to level as fast as possible because they don't want to actually do the tedious stuff that was classic, they just want to get to end game. Might as well just make the game play itself like revolutions does on mobile.
  4. Yeah, I am in the Lizardmen Dwelling. At this point I am 95% sure I am the only actual human playing on the Aden server.
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