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  1. Stupid event or stupid random?

    I play the game. When I'm not, I lurk around this forum to enjoy people like you.
  2. Ban on using box ?

    Don't use bots, you don't get banned. Use bots, you get banned. Simple.
  3. Drop rate

    Go to a x10000 server. Clearly playing L2 like its meant to be it's not for you.
  4. Stupid event or stupid random?

    More of this threads of people crying please. Nothing can bring more joy.
  5. Returning to Orc Barracks

    You don't recall very well. If you really have Karmian (and a good weapon), you can take the first lvl of ant nest without a problem and with a huge profit. Me, with Moon-Goat and buffs from a lvl 30 prophet have no problem at all to solo.
  6. Before, lvl 30 was a nightmare. Then, "wait till you reach 40!! Omg so hard!". Now that a 43 player says he can farm, "nono lvl 465464681354 is the real problem here!!". Learn to L2 please.
  7. what we ll do?

    Run, Unstuck, learn to farm. Is not for lack of options.
  8. Please, next time before posting something like this, make sure your brain is turned on.
  9. U all have ruinned the game

    I don't have 9 boxes loged in all the time 'cause I have or need to. I have them 'cause I want to get 9 spots in the server so 9 other people will complain in here for not beeing able to play.

    More bots getting banned. The people at NCSoft are doing a great job, keep them away.
  11. Dont even know if its worth even playing

    Another bot rant. What a plague.
  12. Suspicious activity

    Maybe, but I've never been banned tho. I must be doing something right.
  13. Suspicious activity

    Dont worry, if you stopped using bots you will be just fine, like me.
  14. Suspicious activity

    They unbanned you? Gj, now that you dont use bots anymore you can play without worries.
  15. Suspicious activity

    Disgraceful it is, but I don't see any innocent players. Then stop botting and you'll be fine.