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  1. I agree 100% on the PK statement. Right now, if I want to, I can just go to a AOE party and start taking care of their trains w/o problems. I'll get most of the exp and even adena doing next to nothing and with no way for the group to retaliate. If they try to train me and succeed, I'll come back and be more careful. But I know how to avoid getting the train agro, so that option is out the window. Then they can PK me, but as you pointed out, that's just penalty for them. I'll just keep coming back and they will just keep gaining karma, making them lose experience to take it out (b
  2. Did you do something with the event drop rate? 'Cause yesterday the items where poping left and right with every mob, but today I have more chance of getting a Spellbook than the buff.
  3. No, everyone is banned for a reason. Don't bot / third party program = not banned.
  4. Don't use external software, you don't get banned. So simple. Also is a little curious that most if not all of the people that complain that they have been banned are not from NA. Btw, trying to buy the ban-back with the "VIP" card (wich is a big red flag) won't get you anywhere no matter if its 1% or 100% of the clans. Last point, demand? Please... I was taking the thread seriously, don't end it with a sad joke.
  5. Ohhhh! So you people are the ones that after using this kind of software then come running to the forums crying that your accounts have been banned for NO REASON AT ALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! "but I don't see it like that" "they can't ban me for this because I say so!" Yes, enjoy the ban.
  6. If they bring back the GOOD pk system, then I agree.
  7. 1- More than enough, and as you said with no Queue (less boxes) so even more players than before. 2- Nice tip. 3- Same with the doomsday statement with no real backup.
  8. 1- Let's say then 2k? 1k? Only you and me with boxes and bots? 2- That's good news, right? So they are heavy with less boxes and more players. Server growth. Or again, you and me with boxes and bots. 3- And many ppl will keep coming.
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