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  1. With bots you can achieve that performance :)) It's a sad server anyway, after most of real people left, queues are 0 now.
  2. It's not about the fact that ncsoft makes money, nobody it's against that. I wish them a lot of money if that's the case. The main problem is the way they do it. To brake the game & add a queue by design to force people to pay vip...think about this. Also many Vip players are are still waiting for queues, what are we talking here?
  3. Most of people want more servers, for a specific timezone... but of course that will ruins VIP income. It's by design the way they build the server. I wanted to buy vip to get access, but they also have the same problem.
  4. It's very simple, they use "proxy" connection. It will be very a overcrowded server with that solution, but at least you can play something(PVP for farmzone)... instead of waiting for fake queues.
  5. Yes I mention early that game is broken(including 0.1 rates) and you have to pay in order to get a normal gameplay.
  6. Your attitude is not productive at all, we are here to communicate. If you can't understand... Good luck with that.
  7. Yes Lower queue for you, then lower player activity... until server will be empty. In time servers need to merge, since you will cry for more players. I am not playing at the moment so you don't have to worries about queue from me.
  8. Thank you for sharing you thoughts. I agree with you (I’d rather pay a monthly sub for several accounts in a working environment, than paying VIP on a intentionally broken server.) I will wait for 7 nov then to check that server too. Maybe we can get a better experience but I doubt, they also have many problems .
  9. Hmm...I have no problem if they want to make money. I just don't like the way they do. To brake the game, make it harder as hell and pay to play normal rates...now that something. You don't get any advantages, you just pay to play normal. As for "queue" another joke. Very disappointed so far.
  10. Imagine if they launch Lineage 3 official like this one...
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