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  1. Elf Tank-Knight

    You are probably right with your statement, so I advise you to love and focus on what makes a TK unique and eventually you'll forget the CONs of the class. A SE or a Prophet would both be good choices. SE has offensive buffs and can help soften a mob's defences for you in PVE. A Prophet will also be a good choice if you can get him a Haste spellbook, Bless the Body for more HP, and the heals are not as bad as you have a Life Cubic to supplement the heals. As a TK, you are the epitome of all things defensive and protection. Good speed, 360 degree shield block, heals for use in emergencies, 1 reliable and 1 unreliable single-target roots, and the ability to survive and be the last one to die in the field. Daggers and Archers will be very much annoyed if you are always on their tail. You are probably gonna be one of the very few TKs and will have a high chance of getting the hero status with lesser rivals. As I always say to elf players, a TK is always welcome in my party and I consider them as the jewels of the server (as to their rarity).
  2. Any Plains Walkers?

    I am playing a Plains Walker and I am a little offended by your post :))) TBH it depends on your play style. Disclaimer: this is post will all be based on theory or on paper, as the thinking skills of the player behind the character is essential to a being a good dagger-player. Obviously someone who wants high damage, should choose AW. Maximum crit damage passive is the basis for this. For higher survivability and balance, choose TH. Higher CON and Mirage and Dash keeps off those nasty target-stickies off our back. Now I picked PW not only because they look cool when throwing stabs (especially male elves), but because of reliability and versatility. PW being an elf has average CON for a little more tankiness than AW, and highest DEX for stab land rate and skill critical rate. Now the reason AWs and THs get more love in other servers is because of the existence of runes that increase stab success rate, essentially making this DEX advantage negligible. If these runes are not to be implemented in our servers (which I heard are also slowly being deleted from other official servers), at least PWs will take more of this advantage. If you have good gears, the low STR will be negligible in end game. Also, being the class with the highest constant move speed among all classes is also reliable ---though having a Dash skill to burst a TH's speed every now and then is useful in numerous occasions. But then again, all 3 classes have skills to close the gap between them and their targets, with TH having 1 more skill in the form of Dash. Now given AW, TH and PW are all at the same level, stab rates and skill critical rates should be highest in PW, then AW, and falling far behind is TH. With the so-called "Focus-" skills, damage output from behind should be highest in AW, then PW, then a little behind is TH. Focus Death is given to both AW and PW, and this skill increases damage and success rate from behind by 90% and 60% respectively (if I'm not wrong). Focus Power is not as good as Focus Death, but gives the TH its needed boost in damage --- essentially making the 3 classes balanced in some ways. Focus Chance on Elf and TH should be reliable when fighting against other rogue classes under the effect of certain physical-evasion skills like UE and those that you get at level 80. I have also watched a couple of YouTube videos of a certain eol69 in RU servers and he has played AW, TH and WR all at the same time, and essentially they are balanced, and you can't really see how one dagger is more efficient than the other. They are all able to kill fast and we should not have any problems as well in the end-game.
  3. Swordsinger; Temple Knight

    I played Temple Knight before and I hated the experience of grinding solo, but I wwas able to reach level 81 before with the help of friends in constant parties/clan. Though unlike other tanks who are more offensive, I fell in love with the TK when I started joining raids and PVP. The feeling of being able to take on a boss head-on, march towards a group of archers, or taking an enemy dagger's attention away from your healer knowing you can soak up as much damage and not die is so satisfying. Imagine how annoying it must be for those archers and daggers who fall under your distraction! In future patches TK/ET will get a pull skill so it will probably add to it's set of annoying-cancer skills. I did SWS before as well and loved the thrill and anticipation of reaching a new level because you know you are getting a new song soon with each level-up. But through it all to levels 75+ it started to get boring for me as I just do songs, hit mobs for a few strikes --- rinse and repeat. Nothing very exciting tbh other than trying to be important in PVP. In PVP you are neither a primary target, nor the last on the target list or a DD, so you are most likely in the sidelines doing some extras after you finished singing. If you get to disable 3-4 people with Song of Silence though, then that changes the story.
  4. Swordsinger; Temple Knight

    I have pretty much been a fan of both the Swordsinger and Temple Knight classes since Interlude (and played them both as main and sub at the same time) and for years I have battled with myself that they are unique in their own right, but at this point after 12 years I have finally come to terms and can admit that these classes are both in extremes when we talk about weak and strong points. Swordsingers are the gem of any party and are generally party-support animals and can assume the tank role in a small party until you get to 49, while the other tanks in your clan catch up in levels to take over the role. At this level you also get Hunter's song which will let you duo with your WC easily if you ever need to break away from the party life. With a good dagger (say Dark Screamer?) you will maybe double up your DPS on solo hunting areas but not nearly as fast as BDs (BDs have tons of STR and debuffs to play with to optimize their damage potential). If you want to venture out in areas with x2 x3 HP mobs (like EV and TOI), Swordsingers cannot thrive alone or in a duo as main DD unless you join a party in a utility role (singing, supporting aggro from tanks, taking away the monsters' attention from healers and mages while tanks are busy with the core group of mobs). Being an elf which is a defensive class in nature lacking in offensive skills, coupled with racially low STR you're gonna have problems grinding solo and earning adena even with top tier weapons. But then again, parties cannot go long and deep in higher levels without a Swordsinger as parties are undoubtedly three times weaker without them (same goes for PVP). Temple Knights are a rare breed and like swordsingers, it is always a pleasure to have one in your party let alone to see an active one in the entirety of a server's life. Temple Knights were once the kings and queens of shield defense amd AOE tanking (probably still are) until NCSoft decided to move the stat of shield defense from DEX to CON, but nonetheless are still the best tankers out there in my opinion. If you plan on purely tanking all the way to higher levels and not depend on your clanmates catching up, then TK is the one for you. But bear in mind that like all elves, a low STR stat will put you in a disadvantage in terms of damage (which you won't probably need as a tank in constant parties). TK is never meant to be a solo or farming toon and you will definitely have a nightmare-ish experience if you try to do that. In a party, TKs have two root skills (1 reliable and 1 unreliable) and self-heals to use (as much as your mana pool allows you) in case something goes wrong and healers need time to breathe before they can heal you, but other than being a tough bull to kill (and being the last one to die) there is not much more that you can offer in terms of damage. Rerolling to any of these two classes seem like a 360 degree turn, far stretch from playing a Tyrant though, but another support or tank is always welcome in my party if not in the server. Good luck!