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  1. I've been playing this server for about month an a half and I noticed since Classic came up there is less and less people day by day. This is obviously killing the game including the fact that doing dailies is getting harder, playing with parties where 4 players are boxes and the market is completely dead, no people therefore no buyers. Is there anything planned from Ncsoft or is it just better leave and stop spending time here? Regards
  2. I am Spanish and Spanish speaker. The point is that also this dude wished cancer to my mother and kids, 3 days ban? This guy should be perma banned.
  3. This guy was basically insulting every single Spanish in his path. Asked him just to know what happened whilst doing k85 as I am Spanish and was curious, the rest you can check it by yourself. Thanks [edited - removed links with names. Please submit these reports via Support ticket]
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