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  1. This is my viewpoint (Bohemian Rhapsody) adapted: [Intro] Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a patch notes, no escape from reality Open your eyes, look up to the wallet and see I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy Because I'm easy come, easy go, little high, little low Any way the updates blow doesn't really matter to me, to me Pendants and Brooches, very, very frightning me (Jujileo) (Jujileo), (Jujileo) (Jujileo), (Jujileo) Figaro magnifico But I'm just a poor temple knight, nobody loves me He's just a poor temple knight from a poor clan w8
  2. @Juji @Hime in game, in forum, and especially in Discord people are ragging about bot problem - DO SOMETHING!!
  3. @Devoid - don't be ignorant, provide your solutions and / or evidence of botting.
  4. Botting is REAL and extreamly PERVASIVE in TI / Giran servers. It is CANCER. I suggest at least these SOLUTIONS: 1. Make restarts more often 2. Make dropable inventory (except equipped items) - bots would drop soulshots, spirit shots 3. HWID ban - ban hardware, instead of account / ip bans This will make botting a BIT HARDER. SHAME FOR PASSIVITY!! 1. Made 2 tickets with evidence of botting and neither of the cases were resolved ... SHAME! [content moderated - Please report bots to Support, not on forums. Thank you!] OPEN YOUR EYES NC WES
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