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  1. L2 Store

    are u crazy? let the dwarf make some money please. I am making 0.5a per shot sold at the moment
  2. paypal problems

    same problem
  3. You are just triying to correct what I write with the same argument lol. You really live up to your name jk
  4. The even Is pumping adena into the world, indirectly ofc. This happens because instead of burning 1.5kk adena from weapon shop in giran, you get a weapon that you can sell to people. So this is like +1.5kk pump so to speak. But I dont think there is an issue with this honestly, and I dont think just because someone saved 1.5kk will overpay and bring prices up. If they overpay the money will go to soemone else that might not overpay.
  5. the more weapons there are the better for you, more adena for the people less for shops