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  1. That announcement I been waiting all day long. Thank you really that make my day . Is better than walking in the map . Really one big thank you to listening out feedback. And hope everything will go better in the close futures updates.
  2. I am not scared this is our rights to say what we think what we want. I am okay even my voice is voice in desert. But I am trying to do something instead like you for example to write pointless comments instead to support all players who trying to help this server to get better!
  3. Anyway the players will log to do daily quest and will not bother to do something else because not worth it ... the amount of adena you will spend for consumables ( ss bss potions, soe and res scrolls etc) . And the worst thing is another servers they may use that moment in advantage to open another new server and many of the players will move there because nobody have time for bull sh*t . Which gives them better opportunities and better game play with balance drop xp sp adena . I hope this not gonna happens. And GM in NCsoft they must start to listen the voice off all players what they
  4. Ouch that is painful I feel you mate .
  5. Mate did you try to read the server patch notes they say - 4% upon death for non vip accounts
  6. Oh really I didn’t know I can do that ???? . It’s not about you that post just pass it next time. This post is for everyone who fell the same way
  7. So what is actually going on. 1st vip 4 is not -20% do reduction dying (every time when I been dying I lose exactly 4% 2nd in the L2 store there items 50% xp /sp rune for 7 days bundle when x10 you click on it they are 2nd Class Transfer Buff Scroll for 2000 NC 3th at least you guys can do the teleport 50% reduce price till you know how to fix the server so everyone can have that much adena so they can teleport to can have money for some ss, bss . And as well try to save money so you can buy some items . Just WTF
  8. I have a question is the l2store will be updated after one month already played with the same items. I am 42 lvl now and is really hard to farm with c weapon and really expensive are ssc and really low drop of the adena . It’s will be good to put some ssc bssc only for the vip lvl 4 and as well that will help to you guys with more payment. And really the l2 store need to be updated. Classic server
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