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  1. Ray-Tracing Update?

    In this case. Would it be possible to upgrade the Engine to 4.22?
  2. I do not want XP. I want SP and Adena to pay for the consumables. Do not be miserable. It's not every day that any game celebrates 15 years. Debutante
  3. Ray-Tracing Update?

    We can expect some update with support of new technology Ray-Tracing?
  4. #CampaignBackNpcFioti @Juji @Hime
  5. Abbreviation Trade

    Proposal of orientation of abbreviated names used in commerce. The present proposal has the condicion of orienting old and new players on the abbreviated nomenclature used in the floor trade. Crystal’s = Dx, Cx, Bx, Ax, Sx. Soulshot D = SSD Soulshot C = SSC Soulshot B = SSB Soulshot A = SSB Soulshot S = SSS Blessed Soulshot D = BSD Blessed Soulshot C = BSC Blessed Soulshot B = BSB Blessed Soulshot A = BSA Blessed Soulshot DS = BSS Spiritshot D = SPD Spiritshot C = SPC Spiritshot B = SPB Spiritshot A = SPA Spiritshot S = SPS Blessed Spiritshot D = BSPD Blessed Spiritshot C = BSPC Blessed Spiritshot B = BSPB Blessed Spiritshot A = BSPA Blessed Spiritshot S = BSPS
  6. Song of Water Whitout Mana Regen

    Song of Water Is it with incorrect definition or does it add regeneration of mana?
  7. Get your crap together

    I was having a problem. I formatted the PC yesterday and it improved. To at least 8h without falling from the game! BR