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  1. New AFK Fishing event incoming!

    Free Top-D/C Grade Weapons involved? If yes, so I gonna start L2 again and try to play and enjoy... I am still on VIP, gone to VIP2 from VIP3 since Nov 2018. Haven't played since then.
  2. This event is slap on the face.

    https://one.ard.de/tv/live what did just Tool_of_Society shit?!
  3. This event is slap on the face.

    No hunting, no mats, no spoiling, no crafting, no gear.... No selling, buying, "re-selling" and Adena for others. You serious? So how to gain XP? By re-selling stuff? So I guess, the only path is to scam people and to corrupt and to steal items on Raid Bosses. = XP & Adena. With your sentence, go and play Aion 6.x
  4. This event is slap on the face.

    I have hundreds of collected and spoiled mats for my Dwarf. I have saved them for later since my begin on this Classic Server to craft profitable gear rather then to sell these regular mats for less than 100 Adena each actually. What will I gain by selling these regular mats? 20k~40k Adena in total? Ridiculous. Blade prices are also dropping and these worthy ones (D+) I cannot even gain yet or haven't had even luck yet. These blades I have collected give more Adena by selling them on NPCs already. I am a different player and don't re-sell things just like you. Again you are such one who have Adena and so it is all our fault don't be able to progress. If we are all like you then this is nothing but a buy & sell game. Delete hunting and spoiling since those are unneccessary. But from where are mats and spoils coming? You play 1 hour a day and re-sell things, have done millions? Well, we play more than 6 hours a day and have nothing. You must be a really lucky kid.
  5. This event is slap on the face.

    For some special one who thinks that I buy a low or lowest D-Grade Bow/Weapon in return to have 0~25k Adena on my whole Account, then stfu!
  6. This event is slap on the face.

    Yup, not with these rates and as a Lv30+ with a trappy NG Weapon. I have really enjoyed L2 before Gracia Part 1 & 2 and maybe up to Gracia Final. I have also enjoyed Aion before 3.0 Ascension and before this v6.0 crap. Don't tell me L2C is not a game for me, since it is clearly a game for you. I am not responding to you anymore.
  7. This event is slap on the face.

    Heck, I was that lucky and the Mist Horror Rippers dropped for me a Puma Skin Shirt and a Puma Skin Gaiters within 2 hours. How lucky can I be? I was able to immediately sell them in Towns. Did ~90k Adena out of them. Still, not enough to buy a lowest D-Grade Weapon from players. No more drops for me since then. Since a week. 4~6 hours non-stop gameplay and grinding a day. Leveled from 25 to 30 and only 2 drops xD. More than 100k Mobs have been killed. I actually have 300k Adena in total, if I calculate everything together from my 5 characters. This as VIP3 and Level 30? XP-ing does NOTHING since Adena is an issue. Well, not for these "winners" obviously. My other characters really suffer for my main and still it is not enough. And trust me, I save as much as I can on Adena.
  8. This event is slap on the face.

    I cannot grind on Cruma Marshlands 4~6 hours non-stop a day for just a few Adena and XP anymore, killing 100k+ Mobs there as VIP3 for nearly a week yet already. Need about ~20k Mobs to be killed, ~100k Arrows and ~200k Soulshots so to level up.... and have possibly gained ~40k Adena in total during that time. Wouldn't even do that on other areas and spots for that few. Gimme a D-Grade Weapon and I will return to forums to complain when I have reached Level 40+. Or invite me for these Train Events, aggro 100's of mobs in AC or wherever and kill them within 5 seconds with AOE attacks. Do you have a D-Grade or already a C-Grade Weapon? No problem... I will have XP and Adena and wouldn't complain either. I wouldn't really mind about the drops, too. You may and can take all the drops.
  9. This event is slap on the face.

    It is a "regular" gameplay for those who won this lottery while the non-winners have trouble. Even winners can create and host parties to help XP/Adena and none has to complain. It is like 2 totally different worlds. Wait a bit more until P2W gets applied and there will be more than 2 different worlds in one server, and I am going to be sure to being done in here. ...waiting for a PC Version of Aion 2 or whatever. Who knows, maybe Aion Classic Servers will be opened which I would welcome. Aion just completely died for me since 6.x! More like since 3.0...
  10. This event is slap on the face.

    I wouldn't even have entered these forums and have to complain, if I have gotten a D-Grade Weapon as a Level 1~40 player. I guess. I thought it would be fun to play, well, until I have reached level ~30. So, gaining millions of Adena just by selling it as a Level 1~25 player and you will never ever need to worry about on anything anymore, while it can be useful for Level 25~40+ even without any Soulshots and BSS.
  11. This event is slap on the face.

    Of course these players with multi-accounts, those who were lucky, do have Adena and/or are successful scammers as well as on Raids don't have to complain on anything about. What kind of a smelly arrogance!! But we "real" players have trouble. Adjusting drops, spoil rates, Adena and everything else will simply crush more these Classic Servers. The great *cough-cough-lucky* players will simply become more powerful. So i guess, nothing will be (majorly) changed. Possibly the Adena gain for 40+ Areas, IDK. Or are some people really tending and building up on AFK-Accounts?! Some official ideas should be created and taken. This here is a Dead-End for me, while the Point-of-no-Return Border hasn't been reached yet. It is just a pity for my VIP3 Account, my consumed time, and real money.
  12. This event is slap on the face.

    For 2 days I have begun to AFK for 4 hours in a hope to gain that D-Weapon and that more I get these annoying Fisherman's Chests and Candies that more makes me rage and quit... I didn't want to do that same crap and to blockade gaming slots and so to increase any potential queues to log-in, but I have no other chance anymore since progressing is a mess without that RNG "benefit" or even without a general "fix" for all players (who work hard)!! It has become all non-sense for me. Reaching Level 30~32 is hard already and so I totally understand these 40+ Players who complain about Adena and drops.
  13. This event is slap on the face.

    As VIP3 (+15% XP/SP) from beginning, I have leveled up solo pretty fast to Level 20~25 in just 4~5 days in where the extra 30% XP/SP had applied for a week. I have ever loved these first areas and that leveling. Well, actually I have solo grinded from level 25 to 30 in Cruma Marshlands for 5~6 days without the extra 30% but +15%, and I even use that 10% - 30% XP/SP Event Buff +XP Scrolls to level up faster. I only get 0.06% - 0.08% XP without Event Buff but with VIP3 Buff per kill. Calculate it. It is about ~150 kills for 1%. That makes roughly ~20k kills to level up in where 6 hours of non-stop play isn't enough. With the damned Compund Bow I need 4 - 5 arrows to kill one mob even with Soulshots enabled!! These are 100k Arrows and 200k Soulshots. So in 4~6 hours I only do about 25k Adena in total as a Solo Player and haven't even leveled up yet!! To find party members is pretty hard, none invites anyone. I cannot see Cruma Marshlands anymore or want to level up that slowly on an other Area. With that god damned Top D-Grade Bow I could easily and faster "Level Up" and save Adena, just by using it "WITHOUT" any Soulshots. I am totally losing fun in L2C. Working hard with multiple Characters on one Account while lucky players just sell or use these Top D-Grade weapons and progress 1000000% faster. I even travel to Town of Giran to buy Soulshots for 7 Adena each and later? What happens when Traveling/Teleporting costs Adena again? This is all going to hell and all players who don't got this D-Grade benefit will surely leave L2C. Just these lucky ones and those who already own more than 10M Adena will stay. These players who gain that benefit from that crappy RNG Event don't even need to be VIP anymore and don't need to worry for future anymore. I don't want to even mention how slowly that leveling progress will be without being any VIP [...] Cmon, we get a free D-Grade Armor Set on level 25 and still play with NG Weapons in when we reach C-Grade already? I could wait one more month until the Top D-Grade Weapon will be obtainable for just 500k Adena or what? And then? I am not on same level anymore as "those". I don't even have enough Adena to buy the lowest D-Grade Bow. Possibly in 2 weeks of non-stop grinding which makes me really stupid and have already quit L2C. I have yet focused on gaining XP instead Adena, but mobs become stronger and I need more Arrows and Soulshots. In other words: Adena. I like that "hardcore" gaming, but this is ridiculous.
  14. How to check ping ?

    Hello there, I am from Central Europe and play L2C @ Giran Server (GMT+1 // CEST). If these latencies are correct and are also the in-game pings and not just an other ping to a database server or whatsoever, how is this possible to play with a ~200+ ping? So, I guess, the Giran GMT+1 Server is just an information/notification/indicator for European players to meet each other to same European Times, but still it is a NA Server located in NA... I just wondered what my ping to the European Giran Server is. 200+ is crap, really. These lags are interrupting the gameplay. Shooting is again impossible/bugged/lagged and switches between enemies instead to shoot as intended.
  15. Stupid event or stupid random?

    I am also losing fun as VIP3. XP, Adena (& Shots), Drop Rates are too crappy