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  1. why the hell do we play here if thats the solution MR 1 post company man?
  2. just joined with 2 posts and trashing ppl for telling the truth.....wonder if its just a 2 neuron kid or some1 from the "company"
  3. Maybe they had other reasons to open this petition but all this changes help the normal players too so its still something...
  4. me and my friends we endured the update with this crap UI and many more bad decisions but atm its obvious that server is dying so we will wait answeres and actions not just promises or we will just move on from here(while i know normal it should not matter this stil is a company that is made for money so i will add we are 4 ppl on vip 7)
  5. +1 on everything and will stop buying any NCcoins until any news or il just find other game
  6. It is not only clan that stopped and waiting news and that will just quit if this is not fixed.Now bots will finally be able to have free reign over server just not sure what will be the purpose after active people leave.
  7. RMT will be gone also cuz no real ppl to buy from them
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