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  1. yes compensation will be no mele lag i think is more then best compensation
  2. Subscription : 30 Day(s) Start Date : Nov 01, 2019 Next Bill Date : Aug 27, 2020 Next Reward: 10th month Cancel Subscription is time to cancel my prestige pack no point anymore to pay
  3. so we cant buy memph scroll 200% exp for 30 sec anymore from there ???
  4. i think everyone will aggree with me coz 3 acaund limit is not help abaut lag on auto attack , so lets back 7 clients limit back like compensation
  5. https://ibb.co/njpcn19 now i feal like GMs dont know nothing abaut game thank you very much for answering the questions for me correctly tyrrs and sammoners can see diference archers and feohs cant see that diferece coz they oneshot every moob with or w/o agument , ncsoft make game like this super unbalanced.... bro same buff, same makro w/o skill (just next target and normal atack), same spot evriting is same only diference first time is with or w/o 20% critical agument (same moobs kill coz is same adena) and secund w/o AQ wich give 15% have diference less
  6. and more 1 test with +12 wep with 20% p critical agument but w/o AQ ring (15% p critical)... isle 1h - 111 mil adena so ring 15% work but agument 20% .....
  7. please chek aguments bcause im sure they no work with +12 wep w/o agument i make 130m in storm for 1h with +12 wep and 20% p crtical dmg i make again 130m for 1h
  8. please put 1 client per PC , no need more , like taht party list will be full no like now full makro ppl
  9. The Golden Compass event will end. 2 years and i got +7 brecelet (im ok with that) but want to ask "Lucien`s Mark" will gone also or can save to help me for next year to can succsess +10 brecelet ??
  10. if a reduction is made for server transfer, prices will be re-priced in the auctions and again the server economy will collapse ....
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