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  1. And about 9 hr maintenance. Well they wrote in big letters that its EXTENDED.
  2. Chill. Botting is "illegal" ofc, but there are still bots farming in almost every zone worth farming, they farm 24/7 even when being reported by many chars with bot report button, they are back on same spot or move to next when get many lvl w/o being banned. Sure, they say that WE must record every bot in game and submit a REPORT! Ye that is definitely something that us PLAYERS need to do. Just incompetent GMs or no GMs in game at all, just forum writers.
  3. Not the topic. But its not only p2w items like pendants that ruined the game most, its the BOTS in all region, and lack of GM to control them/ban them. I am using "Bot report" button daily on same players that farm with bot 24/7 in Forgotten Temple for over a week and they are still there, farming, like nobody cares...
  4. Don't know if you guys are blind or what, people who ask about bot situation. Its been like this from beginning of the classic server, and it wont change unfortunately... GMs are saying that they are doing what they can and that WE should report bots, record them, send mail etc... And all they need to do is have 1-2 player IN GAME to check areas with bots and ban accounts on sight. But they DON'T CARE. All we will get is more pay to win content in this "hardcore" "classic" experience...
  5. Igramo na Giran serveru. Ima nas 20 trenutno. Nismo svi Balkanci. Pre ce biti international clan. Mada ima nas nekoliko sa Balkana ya sada. pm BaneShadowstrike ili mail
  6. with light armor as shaman you have: When equipped with light armor, P. Def. +21.2, Casting Spd. +90%, Atk. Spd. +25%, and MP Recovery Bonus +20%. Meaning more attack speed and mana regen than in robe. And 10% less casting speed than in robes. Other nukers who have robes are at 100 % cast speed but when they try to wear light/heavy they got penalty. Shamans dont.
  7. Windy Hill. check it on wiki: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Windy_Hill
  8. Love your answer to this question. Thx. Can you write / recommend what dyes to use as Abyss Walker / dagger? Or its the same as archer? Thank you.
  9. Windy Hill definitely! Good exp / Good D weapon drops. You can lvl up there till 35 max I think. And all spirits have weakness to bow attacks, so its perfect place! Only have to care about Babbling spirits that cast wind spells at you when you are far away from them. And need to have another char nearby for heal and to awake you if they sleep you.
  10. Hello all. We are curently lvl 1 clan, but will be lvl 2 in 1-2 days and will have more place for new players. Rules of joining the clan: - Each player contributes EQUALY for Clan upgrades. Example: for lvl 1 clan we needed 150k so 10 of us shared 15k each. For lvl 2 we need 300k, so 15 players each 20k - done soon. For lvl 3 each player can give as many Proof of Blood as he can. And so on. - We have clan warehouse, free to store any items you dont need for other members to use. Or just for space if need (say.). - We are accepting all players willing to grind with us and d
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