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  1. ty, disconnecting my DDs helped with my connection . . . they stopped lagging hah wdf
  2. Kudos, I deleted several other macros and now it works. Thank you (and everyone in this thread) for helping!
  3. thanks for the info, as soon as /autoplayon or /autohuntingon occurs the macro stops - back to the drawing board
  4. I run into the same thing with my Elemental Summoner. Looping with the command /autohuntingon breaks the macro loop.
  5. It works perfectly on my Dwarf but does not work on my Elemental Summoner. I read another post today from Jan 2020 with another person that plays Elemental Summoner with the same problem.
  6. does it work for you or is it still broken?
  7. yes, once the macro auto hunts on it never cycles to auto hunt off - autohuntingon and autohuntingoff macros are not working for me for some reason.
  8. This is exactly what I need, but what I experience is that this macro only cycles once then the character auto hunting starts and the macro never comes back. This character is a healer, it does group heals as its' attack and this macro is to make it stop auto attacking and heal a specific character.
  9. I have a problem with /autohuntingon in my macro. Once the macro is right clicked to activate it auto hunting the macro turns off and autohunting nevers turns off /target MainDD /useskill GreaterHeal /autohuntingon /delay 300 /autohuntingoff any help would be appreciated
  10. what are good buffers for an Elemental Summoner? I'm working on a pet Summoner and want to have some buffers for it.
  11. I am sorry to hear the news that a fellow Lineage 2 gamer has passed away. Rest In Peace. I don't understand his language but I understand his passion for this game and out community. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCujCBpv7qqG7itD_BlnEKSg MrNixon
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