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  1. Raid Bosses

    You mean "server" aaah... it is hard.. what i said is not refering to the exp server man.. plz think before write, ty.
  2. Raid Bosses

    This "game" i was playing since i was 16 years old.. im 31 now.. to many servers inlcuding official one. Meaby i played more than u..
  3. Raid Bosses

    And u with lvl 21 have D armor and weapons ? why cant be fixed or set them to the way we reach that lvl... i play in the official server and we could do it.. before kamaloka lvl 23
  4. Raid Bosses

    Hi, plz Admins take a look to the raid bosses, they are imposible to defeat. Im palus knight and one hit im done.. one hit.. boss lvl 21 i was (was) lvl 22.. we were 8 in pt 3 clerics but what for if im done with one hit. Fix it plz. I fell down to lvl 21.. its realy hard to lvl up. I spend money in buffs lvl 2, so i lose them too...