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  1. To tell the truth, i broke 10 dark elven bows, somewhere between +4 to +13. And I currently have 1 +13 bow and some Cry D. That is not the myth, it is probability. If you ask how, this is how. ALWAYS ENCHANT 2 ITEMS PARALLEL. When you have first bow +4, enchant second bow +4, then make a +4 to +5. If you broke, you still have a +4 bow to use. And do the process again until you get other bow to +5. That is the painful, frustrating process. Since we only see the notification of +15 item, do not forget the silence pain of unsuccessful people.
  2. Its 30-40k/per hour at lv 30-40. Then down to 20k/hour from 40. From if you can do cruma with decent boxes, then 50-60k, i can say. Nice poler also do 2-3 times (with nice boxes). If you are warror, dont use C weapon until you can do Enchanted Valley.
  3. Hi bro, I hope this can help some of your issues. I am talking with assumption you have normal adena level. Since for 2nd char with much adena, the advice can be little bit diference. For non-bow char, you can go to top D weapon in to 52. D weapon can help to saving ssd cost, just keep in mind to level up your weapon mastery skill (it helps increasing you p.atk or m.atk). For bow char, i think overenchanted elven bow/dark elven bow or reinforced longbow should be your choice since it consume less ssd. After level 52, you go to Enchanted Valley, when you see you can afford more ssd/ss
  4. Dear community, I am Hawkeye at level 43. Thinking about low rate from 40 mobs (0.2x i think), i dont know which bow to choose to level up into 50 or even 60. I am using SSD. 1) OE Elven Bow 2) OE Light Cross Bow 3) Normal C Bow Thanks for help in advance.
  5. The best use is for death in pvp, assuming no one dies in pve too much.
  6. Higher 3x places like Plains of lizardmen or Hardin's Academy is good choice to level 43. And you still get nice adena rate.
  7. I think he is using C bow, or top D bow so he is break even . You can sell that and buy 2 reinforced longbows
  8. That is my last request to NCSoft. I do this because I love the game and dont want to see it ruins.
  9. Use D bow bro, i prefer Reinforced Longbow since it consume less SSD. Try to enchant (use 2 bows in the same time), or by enchanted on the market. I think +10 Reinforced Longbow have P. Attack 315. And that can made you comfortable in to leve 5x. According to my calculation +10 bow around 18m adenas. Correct me if i am wrong. Thanks.
  10. Common item will destroy the crafting system. Though I agree that they should make solo area to be normal rate. IT IS TOO LOW NOW.
  11. I understand the a lot of people will oppose the idea when they read the title, but let me have some time to explain my reason for you. Why we have to pay for the game? As a lot of us can see that the game need company to develop and maintain it. It need money to develop (or buy) the game, server to run it, money for hiring people to maintain and handle it (from accountant to GM), money to pay tax for government and money for shareholders' dividend. The reason is clear, without money, NCSoft can not survive and the game can not survive too.I am feeling sorry for those who love to play but
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