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  1. On the official Lineage2 Winter Holiday events page. https://www.lineage2.com/news/winter-holiday-events-2018 Matchstick Sisters Event Available from December 12, 2018 to January 2, 2019. The Matchstick Sisters need your help this winter season. Help the girls stay warm and you will be rewarded. Full event details will be posted on December 11.
  2. I don't exactly remember the black friday shop. But i'm pretty sure there was a "Fishing XP rune 30 days" and a "XP/SP Rune 50%". The one for fishing was like half the price of the other one.
  3. I met a lot of wonderful people so far by playing on Gludio. However most of them quit or are on the edge of quitting. Finding a group in the 45s level is impossible. When you happen to find a group first thing they ask is are you VIP. I don't know if the VIP as a whole was a good idea. I'll prob stick around some more to see what will be happening in the upcoming updates.
  4. That is really well written. However, I feel like there has been already a couple of weeks now that the community figured out that there was a problem with all monster rates. I also just like you happened to play in the good old days. This is a whole different lineage2 experience than I remember. I do remember not using shots all the time, full drops were extremly rare. However, now there are monsters that gives 0 adena and 0 loot 100% of the time. We have no real database to refer to, so its extremly hard to know what would be the best possible hunting ground for us.
  5. They might be trying to dry us up in adena so they can add it to the l2 Shop... I just don't get it. I'm in the 50s and I don't even wanna progress anymore right now. I just started a new character to be able to sustain a couple shots per day on my highest one.
  6. For that sole purpose I always use a scroll of escape when wanting to go AFK and regen my MP. Not like the good old day when you were just running to a road or a mountain to sit comeback a few moments later and go back to killing. Highly recommend you to do the same. I don't know if you have done PVP yet, but people are already abusing the bot report button. You kill em they come back and you gotta enter a captcha code... This is L2 now
  7. I bet you're the guy on Gludio server that was playing a 9 man party CP with only 3 people at their computer. The same people that came to my room that night and tryed to kick me out of it just cuz you we're more than I was. You started healing my monsters with your 9 clients. Plus you even decide to push it one step further by using all 9 accounts to bot report me and my multibox when we we're clearly talking. When you did that I just simply wiped your whole group on my own. Plus at this point I even told you to go somewhere else and what you were doing was agaisn't the EULA and yet you kept
  8. Gludio 30% exp event for 2 weeks is not working please fix ASAP so we don't loose too much on the event. Thanks... @Juji @Hime
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