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  1. I really no a big fan of max, but have to admit this siege you guys have a better strategy... So far 2 days of full pvp, before sieges and after sieges.. and today pvp on sos,bb and gainak atleast people still trying to keep some fun up and hope we keep going like this... GF all
  2. Did you record that? and btw nice bsoe's you let your clan die like 15 times .. +60 in less than 10 min... gf to divekio,yourmaster epikka etc, except you that keep bsoeing
  3. AstherX

    Favela CP!

    Thanks to this game I get to know many people, too many maybe who are good friends inside and outside of the game.. but believe me I never knew people like them! (There is also many people that i do not put here but maybe soon I will do! ) Happy New Year to Everyone..
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