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  1. SPH and BP looking for CP 50+ Talking Island srv

    Con mi hno queremos armar una CP de magos seria para farmeo y agite. Nos falta para llegar a su lvl, pero si les interesa como proyecto whispeenme “v2Rockets o a mi hno “v2Diesel (maineamos mago DD y SE)
  2. [TI] International CP GMT -3

    Hi everyone! With my brother Im trying to consolidate a mage CP to seriously play (good exp and gear farming) and in the near future, be part of one of the top clans in the server to go pvp. We are active players looking for a Tank, DDs (SPH or SPS), BD and SWS. Whisp us ingame “v2rockets or “v2Diesel We use Discord Cya!! ——————- Hola! Con mi hno estamos tratando de armar una buena CP de magos para jugar seriamente (queremos hacer buen farmeo de exp y equipo) para despues entrar a algun clan grande y disfrutar del pvp. Buscamos un tanque, magos DDs, BD, SWS. Necesitamos gente activa que use Discord. Whisp “v2Rockets o “v2Diesel Slds!!!
  3. Sorcerer vs necro

    Im getting closer to lvl 38 (human wizard) and still dont know if im going to be necro or sorc... one is very good for pvp and bad for pve (necro). Sorc instead is the opposite, not so good for pvp but excellent to AOE... cant decide. How is cancel working? How are necro debuffs working?
  4. 90% of players from Argentina are with EXTREME lag since last friday. Any GM please? Did you change something? until Friday morning I had 200ms wich is ok for mmorpg. But since friday 11am or so, we all have extreme lag. Resource monitor from windows indicates between 430-500ms thats insane. IPS is Fibertel Argentina.
  5. High ping ae0-300G.ar5.MIA1.gblx.net

    Im from Argentina, my IPS is Fibertel. Since last friday I have extreme lag (500ms). Whats going on?
  6. Talking Island - Spanish speaker CP

    Avisame si estan armando CP magos. Con mi hno estamos maineando 2 pjs: necro y SE + boxed PP. ”v2rockets o “v2Diesel slds
  7. CLAYMORE +15

    Can someone explain to me how is everyone in Talking island running with OE weapons?
  8. CLAYMORE +15

    Can someone explain me how is everyone getting +7 +8 +10 +++++ weapons???? Just with the enchant daily reward?
  9. Hola! Tengo unos amigos jugando en Talking por eso dejo Gludio. Tengo para tradear algo de adena (500k aprox) y las siguientes armas D: - Goat Head Staff (staff) - Spike Club (blunt) - Single Edge Jamadhr (garras) -Tambien tengo joyeria D (elven) y unas botas Plated Leather. Whisp en TI v2Rockets o v2Diesel -------------------------------------------------------- Hello! I have some friends in Talking Island, so thats why Im leaving Gludio. I have some adena (500k more or less) and the following D weapons: - Goat Head Staff (staff) - Spike Club (blunt) - Single Edge Jamadhr (garras) -Also D jewelry (elven) and Plated Leather boots. Whisp en TI v2Rockets o v2Diesel
  10. Cursed Bone price

    You have CDL wich is arguably the fastest way to lvl up a mage. If you dont know your class or you thought necro was going to be F1 F1 F1 I recommend you to switch to a nuker or warlock before is too late.
  11. Cursed Bone price

    Necromancer it´s meant to be played as a summoner (in pve), not as a nuker. If you wanted to lvl up with death spike, it´s because you come from illegal servers, were necro lost his essence. Death spike is a luxury skill useful only at pvp. There you have your answer.
  12. Adena Issue and it's effects

    You certanly made a point with "pvp killing because of high gk prices"
  13. join me for a minute

    Although it´s going to be hard, we all knew this kind of decision was near the table. For example, right now I´m lvl 4x archer at Gludio sv and I was debating myself between going for a C weapon or a D++ weapon... so yesterday i´ve decided to wait, just to wait and see what happens. Glad to know that I didnt go for C weapon, now I know I should go for a D++. I´m ok with this "hardcore" experiencia, but I also want that NCSoft ban all those adena sellers... I know that aint going to happen tho. The strange thing here is that even VIP4 doesnt actually help people (neither with adena nor SB drops), is not really worth it. Why would I want to be lvl 6x with a mid D weapon? Those who will rally help players are adena sellers, that´s why I´m confused with NCSoft decision.
  14. SR vs other archers

    What did u finally do? Im SR (not many in Gludio). People think that HE and PR is the way to go but I prefer rapid shot skill at lvl 60 for pvp. Stun machinegun mate!!
  15. [Gludio] SuicideSquad Recluta gente activa!!

    Buenas. Justo ayer entró un chico español. El clan tiene gente activa casi las 24hs, pero el pico de login es entre las 06pm y las 02am Argentina Todos colaboramos con una cuota semanal de 20k que ayuda a poder craftear y conseguir items y mats para todos. Si te interesa hablame en el juego “v2Rockeets